Taqlid - Ibn Abdul Barr & an-Nawawi

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Taqlid - Ibn Abdul Barr & an-Nawawi

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Ibn Abdul Barr said
    وهذا كله لغير العامة فإن العامة لا بد لها من تقليد علمائها عند النازلة تنزل بها لأنها لا تتبين موقع الحجة ولا تصل بعدم الفهم إلى علم ذلك
And all that is other than folks. As for folks so they must do taqleed of their scholars when they have to ask something. Because they do not know the evidence and without knowledge they did not know the understandings. [Jam'e Byan al Ilm 2/114]

    والتقليد أن تقول بقوله، وأنت لاتعرف وجه القول ولا معناه, وتأبى من سواه، أو أن يتبين لك خطؤه, فتتبعه مهابة خلافه, وأنت قد بان لك فساد قوله, وهذا محرم القول به فى دين الله سبحانه وتعالى.
Taqleed is when you accept his saying when you don`t know the evidence and the meaning (of his fatwa).. or that his mistake is clear to you still you are following him due to the fear of going against (his fatwa), This is prohibited in the deen of Allah subhanawatala. [Jame Byan al Ilm vol 2]

an-Nawawi quoted ikhtilaf and said in Rodha tul Talibeen 8/101 dar al kutub beruit
    وليس له التمذهب بمجرد التشهي، ولا بما وجد عليه أباه. هذا كلام الأصحاب. والذي يقتضيه الدليل أنه -أي العامي- لا يلزمه التمذهب بمذهب، بل يستفتي من يشاء، أو من اتفق، لكن من غير تلقط للرخص"، والله أعلم.
It's not allowed for him to choose a madhhab following his desires or because he saw his father following that madhhab. This is the opinion of our companions. What is dictated by the evidence is that a person is not obliged to adhere to a madhhab; rather he should ask for fatwa whoever he wishes or whomever he can find but without picking and collecting reliefs and dispensations.
The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Give glad tidings and do not repel people..”

[متفق عليه]

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