The Delusional Ramblings of the Obstinate Boy Against the Colossal Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

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The Delusional Ramblings of the Obstinate Boy Against the Colossal Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:47 pm

Some Ahle Hadees boast about the early muhaddith Ibn Shahin being one of the early "Ahle Hadees scholars", which supposedly rivalled the Four Schools. This is because he said أنا محمدي المذهب.

If you actually analyse the context in which scholars relate this from him, they were actually saying that he was an absolute average in Fiqh - not some specialist capable of rivalling the Four Imams. Al-Dhahabi says in his Siyar:

قال الخطيب : وسمعت محمد بن عمر الداوودي ، يقول : ابن شاهين ثقة يشبه الشيوخ إلا أنه كان لحانا ، وكان أيضا لا يعرف من الفقه لا قليلا ولا كثيرا ، وإذا ذكر له مذاهب الفقهاء كالشافعي وغيره ، يقول : أنا محمدي المذهب

So this was no praise. In fact, in Talbis Iblis, Ibn 'l-Jawzi said he had no knowledge of Fiqh whatsoever:

وكان ابن شاهين قد صنف في الحديث مصنفات كثيرة أقلها جزء وأكثرها التفسير وهو ألف جزء وما كان يعرف من الفقه شيئا

Compare these two giants' statements to what some say today:

Seriously? Please.

As for the rest of that list which he was passing off as some sort of "Tabaqat", some were independents, some were Shafi`is, some were Hanbalis, some were Hanafis, and some are the Ahle Hadees independents of the Sub-Continent. Whatever the case, there is absolutely no chain of teachership/studentship between any of these scholars, unlike a standard book on Tabaqat.

And even uttering Ibn Shahin's name next to the Shafi`i Mujtahid, Ibn 'l-Mundhir, is a joke in its own right. This is the sorry result of fabricating an Ahle Hadees narrative that simply is not there in Islamic history.

The Ahle Hadees School of Fiqh will forever remain a fake school. It has not Usul, no Tabaqat, no structure and no historical precedence.

Via ismail


This perfidy is the direct result of a confused, delusional mind which undoubtedly filled with anti Hadith hatred and animosity, this is first and foremost evident in the juvenile demeanour portrayed by the puzzled writer when he says ‘Ahle hadees’ as if his dummy is still stuck in his mouth. There are other similar such emotional outbursts and rants by this isolated rambler which will be overlooked due to them being nothing but reckless desperation.

Furthermore, such pitiful brazen outcomes are the fruits of the jursum of the Hanafi Deobandi’s which are still concurrent and firing quite wildly in this individual. This diatribe is shoddy, pathetic and outright sheer desperation to vent anger at the Ahl al-Hadith, thus when all else fails resorts to tit bits to established a delusional points.

The first point is that no one even claimed the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith rivalled the four schools, this is his hideous deduction, the four madhabs he thoughtlessly defends, were all categorically formulated much later, post 4th-5th century. When it is clearly established the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith existed during the time of the Sahabah and continued thereafter, just because he chooses to be intellectually ignorant and blind, that is not our problem, regardless the number of times he utters his rubbish in despair and despondency.

If we actually look at the statement and the context it was related from him we find that it is exactly as the statement suggests and means, not how the emotional writer fails to present. It clearly says when a madhab would be mentioned in the presence of Imam Ibn Shahin, he would say I am upon the Muhammadi Madhab, meaning that he was a Muhammadi which is the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith and not on the madhabs of others. What other context is there to this, that’s it and nothing else, what was the commotion and emotional rant about? The reality is this statement burns away at them and this is the best shoddy response they could come with. Oh yes on more thing, im sure you have read the same statement from Imam Malik right? No! thought so, run along…

Also remember Imam Dhahabi apart from citing this in his Siyar, he also brings it under Imam Ibn Shahin’s entry in the Tazkirratul Huffaz, and even the basic student of knowledge knows what this means. One only has to read through a few biographical entries in the Tazkirrah and one will surely get the idea, I suppose the reckless desperate writer was too busy fuming with anger and animosity to even think straight when he came across this statement in the Siyar or elsewhere for that matter.

This lone rambler, who has no precedence for anything that he says except his formal days amongst the Deobandi Hanafi circles, I mean seriously what else would the ardent hanafi deobandi say to the Ahl al-Hadith except the idiotic brazen claims, “The Ahle Hadees School of Fiqh will forever remain a fake school’ says the one while sitting on his red sofa in dewbsury, who are you trying to kid with your ludicrous disjointed lines of arguments? Is this the best you can come up with? Seriously do not waste our time.

As for Imam Ibn al-Jawzi’s statement, its funny how he cannot bring any context now. This shield they usually hide behind when all avenues in answering fail is, “Oh we need to look at the context.” The typical jahil muqallid argument as if they were still trying to figure out who is going to the toilet first. Ibn al-Jawzi is way after the time of Ibn Shahin and It has very little value based on the overwhelming praise by the Nuqad of hadith and Imams of Ahl al-Hadith for Imam Ibn Shahin. Furthermore, this statement is rejected if not highly debateable due to the sheer number of writings and books accredited to Imam Ibn Shahin which range on many subjects especially hadith. He was an Imam of Rijal, did he not write Kitab Tarikh Asma al-Thiqat and Kitāb al-Tārīkh Asmāʾ al-Ḍuʿafāʾ Waʾl Kazzābīn amongst others, the likes of Hafiz Ibn Hajr, Imam Dhahabi and even Hafiz Ibn al-Jawzi referred back to, especially in the latters Du’afa wal Matrukin. It is stated he wrote volumes upon volumes and was titled as Kathir al-Tasanif yet he had very little knowledge of fiqh! As I have mentioned before, the disease and bacteria of bigoted taqlid and submissive reverence to their hanafi deobandi tablighi churchfathers has not gone away, these people may have learnt to copy and paste but have a long way before they reach the level of actually using their intellects based on justice, fairness and basic comprehension before being trigger happy.

It is also brazenly treacherous to use such statements for earlier Imams because he and they fail to apply these rules to other Imams, who are perhaps higher in regards than Imam Ibn Shahin, according to them. Have not the later scholars criticised and disparaged the earlier scholars to the extent of attributing deviant and heretical beliefs to some of them, we presume he accepts and takes all of them too. This fatwa shopping they levy on others is exactly what they do while pretending they fall within he remit of the four madhabs. Read for example what Hafiz Ibn Hajr says about Imam Ibn Hibban on his take on Sayf bin Umar just as example etc.

This poor chap, needs to take his head of the sand and try to get past his own delusional issues and perhaps then he might begin to understand the stark and clear reality of the existence of the madhab of Ahl al-Hadith. Go and read the statement of the illustrious companion Abu Sa’id al-Khudri RadiAllahu Anhu and what he said to the tabieen, go and read what Abu Hurairah RadiAllahu Anhu refered to himself as, go and read what Abdullah Ibn Abbas RadiAllahu Anhuma was referred to as in the books of the same Imam Khatib Baghdadi he quotes

And the biggest joke of the century is this epically failed statement, “The Ahle Hadees School of Fiqh will forever remain a fake school. It has not Usul, no Tabaqat, no structure and no historical precedence.”

Just because a person adopts a toilet nickname it does not necessitate he has to actually regurgitate in that way, surely there is law against that, No! let me break this one down for you, what tabaqat are you talking about, the ones in which one Imam is listed as a Maliki and in the other has a hanafi, the tabaqat where an Imam is listed has a Shafi and also has a hanbali, exactly and when were these tabaqat written, oh yes much later post 4th-5th century. You say Usul, what sheer stupidity, when were your usul written, let me remind him in case he suffers a brain block, way after buddy.

Just because someone is still shackled in that deobandi hanafi quagmire, it is not our problem that we should continue to spoon feed you, just read and research the books of the Scholars of Ahl al-Hadith and you will know, but before you do that be honest and sincere to yourself.

Let me explain this in another basic way, because obviously obstinacy has taken its toll
Look at this, it is the letter ‘T’

The Ahlul Hadith are above the letter T which filers down to current times, you and your cohorts, my friend are the horizontal line on the letter T, and this horizontal line represents the the 4th and 5th Islamic century and you cannot beyond it. On the other hand buddy we existed above this line during the time of the companions. Despite all this he has the treacherous cheek to say to us we are fake and have no history. Tut tut

Why don’t you run along and play marbles or something with your litter pals or something…and next time you behave like that with the Ahl al-Hadith with your despicable trash and gutter language you will be put into your place with your anti hadith playmates whether that’s awni or the other rejects, you obstinate little boy!!!! And yeah tell the others too…
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Re: The Delusional Ramblings of the Obstinate Boy Against the Colossal Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:58 pm

The detailed academic response from Ismail Ibrahim, the ousted Haris Hamam was

"Did this chap spend an hour on writing... Nothing?"

There you have it, this is the overwhelming comeback from the diehard anti Hadith detractor! Steady on son, putar when you have nothing to give, you get nothing back, had you given us anything substantial or worthy to even look at you would have appreciated the response, however because your bearings are altogether off your having difficulty even comprehending the points and thus the amesturish comments when your logic is busted.

An hour on writing!! Stop kidding yourself buddy, it's an insult to even spend more than 5 minutes to respond to your dribble and to even waste any time in answering any of your neonatal points, in fact it is an insult to the major scholars of the Ahl Al-Hadith to even respond to you and your ilk and to break it down for your little pea minds the reality and existence of this school of thought. Nonetheless sometimes the inevitable must be done in order to breakdown the rants.

He claims nothing! You could not even defend your own view with your diatribe and you say nothing, as I said before these people run along with little snippets here and there and when they corrected and the matter is explained, they say nothing. This is what you call obstinacy.

This Ismail Ibrahim who conned the Saudi government and lived of their money while studying in madinah (if you can call it that), who he lambasts them while massaging the ego of his idol, Mr Hatim Awni, a nice little pack.

Next time putar as I told you contain your bakwas or share it with your cheerleaders, who we know are waiting in earnest for those brownie points.

Oh talking of cheerleaders and packs of litter, look what the cat dragged in, oh yes, the award for the best cheerleader and pomposity goes to salman bin nasir, what a guy! Where do they get these specimens from? Typically little boys, still in their school days of ... We'll never mind, I'm sure it's working, right!

Here we are lamenting at such shoddy points when the cartoon tweetypie Pikachoo who goes by the name of rehan offers his Magnus opus. Well this is truly a revelation from this cartoon character who. It only has the titles but also acts in the Same way as a little innocent tweetypie. Inshallah we will address his half pant ups half pants down 10 pence worth of worthless diatribe. This same little boy from Huddersfield, who would always ask where can I read this or when can I get this book from, and always being confused, in fact it is unanimous, this boy is confused and demented with his atrocious reckless points, if they could be even called that.

Some people have even told us that (from some of his family members) that his not right in the head, it would have been okay if this was kept to himself, but by openly showing it we have to clarify it. Do not think you can add your shoddy 10 pence worth of utter disgraced words and. It expect a response. This brother is as confused as they come, his managed to read a few books on Arabic, if has even go to that stage and watched a few YouTube videos and hey presto we have a little mujtahid on our hands from sunny Yorkshire, only to argue the strongest ness of the madhabs.

I have never in my entire life read anything so 'crap' as what this little boy wrote, we are scared that writing about him might even send him over the edge, but you know what they say, if you can't handle the heat then don't play. He has made some disastrous insinuations and distorted the whole concept that we will have to break it down furthermore for him. Look for example he says we have not addressed toilet mans points but he fails to realise it was an answer to his points, which rehan peekaboo totally shamelessly overlooks. He says character assignation, what character assisination, there is no character to assisnate in the first place, and if you had taken your head out of the play sand bags you would have seen your Ismail Patel Sab is damaged goods and in the reject department due to his pathetic points and his desire to be known by opposing everyone and anything he feels is wrong due to his ijtihad, how ironic.

As I said before, I don't usually write like this nor is it my style, but you little boys, this is all that you deserve due to your mischief and batil. More on rehan Pikachoo peekaboo
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Re: The Delusional Ramblings of the Obstinate Boy Against the Colossal Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:53 am

Hello Rehan Pikachoo Peekaboo, where are you tweety pie

Unfortunately the level of the aforementioned individual has left us without any resolve but to present these points in such a manners, and it is a shame because when you have to deal and respond to the dim witted half brain elite minds you are at a lost cause because it perhaps will not penetrate beyond their nostrils.

We are honestly, truly and sincerely apologetic and remorseful as we have mentioned in the previous post, for resorting to respond and write in this way but when the detractors behave with such decorum we are left with little but no choice to address them in an equal and befitting manner.

What is astonishingly surprising, is when the 'Ismail (Ibrahim) aka Harris Hamam Sab, denoting him as sir, shared his deluded fictious response to Imam Ibn Shahins words, both him and Mr Peekaboo were happy to malign and attack the Ahl Al-Hadith and their madhab with despicable words, that they forget how childish they were themselves and how they were further launching a fully fledged assassination of the madhab of Ahl Al-Hadith and now when someone responds back to them in a similar and appropriate manner which resonates with them, the dummy is thrown out of the pram, the nappy gets wet, the baby tears roll down the checks and they begin to play the innocent card. Awww tut tut

Rehan Mir Pikachoo peekaboo shared the depraved response of Ismail Ibrahim and said the following words,

"The so called fiqh madhab of the Ahlul Hadith is like Bollywood fiction fantasy (no offence)...."

He went onto present a pathetic point about the fiqh of Ahl Al-Hadith

Brothers the issue is and while some brothers argue we have deviants to deal with, we agree with this point of view and this is what we have concentrated on, however these clever as two planks of people like rehan and his Sir Ismail Sab, devout most of their time cursing and abusing the Ahl Al-Hadith and when we respond it's like oh we have more pressing issues to deal with, surely the response should be to these detractors to remain quiet and calm. However this is not the case, all day long the same points and the same cursing and labelling emanates from them.

Rehan in his own little world refers to the madhab of Ahl ul-Hadith as a kuffar, mushrik, evil and depraved Bollywood fantasy. Is this how you compare the Ahlul Hadith, shame on your intellect and a waste of a ....... When we respond he gets his knickers in a further twist. Dear readers, these people who are the ardent advocaters of tolerance, peace, all inclusive religion, everything goes, difference of opinion approach are all honky dory with their fellow innovators and deviants but when it comes to the Ahl Ul-Hadith its Bollywood fiction like the idol worshipping kuffar. What did you expect ,we would not reply to your demented and delusional half brain responses.

We are not even going to quote any statements of the scholars in this post because it would be an insult to do so. These people are so confused that perhaps even google is weary of them, these muqallids of their whims and desires first and foremost and their little pack on social media claim to be muqallids of follow the madhabs and yet here making their own ijtihad. What do you know about Tirmidhi?

The great imam Abu Hatim already labelled these people in the 3rd century and even in this era they still exhibit the same traits.

In his subsequent follow up response, he argues Ismail ibrahims points were not addressed. We say perhaps when Rehan was realising reality and forcing himself to deny the truth that was right before his eyes, we addressed Imam Dhahabis point, how Imam Ibn Shahins statement was still valid in the context it was cited and how there is no significant weight to Hafiz Ibn Al-Jawzis point. Despite this he makes the blunder and says we did not address his point, what are you on putar?

Rehan probably does not even know what tabaqat means in context, yet was able to add A new word to his dictionary. He wonders how old I am, Rehan you do not need to wonder because it is precisely this wondering that is taking the very little focus your amazing brain has away from the facts. Oh and the only thing your Ismail Sab dismantled was his own logic, for The statement he cites from Al-Dhahabis siyar is a direct refutation of him.

Then he goes onto mention another basic point not worth addressing.

Then he went onto address the point of the tabaqat said being formulated in later centuries and as evidence cites the example of the divisions of Tawhid. This is the same claim uttered by the Sufi Ashari and Shia Hassan Saqqaf, oh wow that's refreshing, again this is unsurprising because these people are on the same path of being confused in fact the Rehan probably even holds him to be from Ahl Al-Sunnah due to his demented and devoid understanding. You failed to answer the point of the tabaqat and he did. Or even read what I wrote, I wrote the compilers of the tabaqat overlapped so much that they were contradictory.

Yes we do admit we dont have a tabaqat because there were no tabaqat in the first 4 centuries of Islam and this is our view and our stance. The sahabah were known by the tabieen, imam Shabi met 500 sahabah and narrated from around 70, this is our tabaqat, Imam Abu Hatim had 3,000 teachers from the great imams of the Dunyah, look at these teachers, this is our tabaqat. Imam Bukhari had 1000 teachers, this is our tabaqat. The scholars and imams of the salaf learnt from their teachers and hadathana rawi an and anhu became our tabaqat. Go and pick up Tarikh Kabir and Tarikh Saghir of Imam Bukhari, go and pick up Tarikh Ibn Ma'in, go and pick up Jarh wat Tadil of Ibn Abi Hatim and many others and you will know our tabaqat.

Actually this is so pathetic and so stupid that it baffles the sane mind to even think about how stupid and retarded these boys are (also their new found defenders in their menstrating hormonal boys, err yeh boys hmm or girls, okay boys yes boys, who come out cheerleading them with their Pom poms who say the Ayyyle hadees Zahiri, who in their hormonal rage show fury and displeasure at the madhab of Ahl Al-Hadith, more to follow on this insolence and waste of a .......)

They formulate their tabaqats 4-5th century later and then have the nerve to ask us, we'll you guys cannot be a real madhab you have no history because you don't have tabaqats. How pathetic and retarded is that? Seriously I presume the slaps you were dishing out led to self harm and you slapped yourselves so hard that your brains began draining from your nostrils along with your bacteria and toxins.

Oh my word, then the epitome of arguments and default acknowledgement when Mr Peekaboo tweety pie accepts the Ahlul Hadith existed but what gives him the guarantee that he from them, he utters. There is an old British colloquial saying, some mothers do ave em, meaning the guys is a certified delinquent retard. This Pikachoo, boo, poo whatever he is, ie he does not even know what madhab he follows because he does not even know how to follow one except pretend. So you follow one madhab, without having studied it since your living in the UK, studying in his bedroom on YouTube, he is now the follower of a madhab, but we want to follow the madhab of Ahlul Hadith but what gives us the guarantee that we are from them. You know what, if this was back in the 80 or 90s and your parents or masjid teacher found out what you were uttering, they would have battered and bruised you so much, especially your behind that you would not have known what to do after walking past the toilet door mate!!!

He says no doubt the Ahlul Hadith existed... Well okay there's a surprise and thank you so much for confirming that for us, we very much appreciate your acknowledgement that we can get on with our lives because of rehans eternal discovery. One naturally asks the brain frozen genius, if they existed which you have acknowledged, what madhab were they upon?

We leave you with this question and we shall inshallah address the remaining points in the next post

Ps look for the nearest rehab clinic, because you my friend, need some specialist help, one time
(Again please excuse the emotive language as these people only understand things in this way)
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Re: The Delusional Ramblings of the Obstinate Boy Against the Colossal Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:51 pm

This is a continuation and a reply to Ismail Ibrahim and his apologist Rehan Mir Pikachoo

These people claim the Salafi's and the Ahl al-Hadith have DIY bollywood fiqh, that we pick and chose and do 'Fatwa shopping', whereas in actual fact it is these people who take an isolated lone view in an attempt to answer the statement of Imam Ibn Shahin, the latter (i.e. Rehan Mir Pikachoo) perhaps due to his love for the truth without being biased and just to himself referred back to the Siyar and al-Dhahabi's Tazkirrah and read the view of the scholars themselves? Yes of course they did not!

They claim we are tabaqatless and when one book of Tabaqat is presented to them of the Huffaz i.e. Tazkirratul Huffaz of Imam al-Dhahabi they shy away from the truth due to their innate nature and hatred for the truth and the underlying hatred for the Ahl al-Hadith, which has nothing to do with the fact that the former, Ismail Ibrahim dismantled our fictional way

Imam al-Dhahabi in his Tazkirrah lauds Imam Umar bin Ahmad bin Uthman, his kunyah was Abu Hafs and he was well known as Ibn Shahin, he al-Dhahabi refers to him as al-Hafiz, and in one edition of the Tazkirrah according to the Yemeni Hadith Master Shaikh al-Allamah Imam Abdur Rahman bin Yahya al-Mu'allimi al-Yamani he extols him with the word al-Imam, al-Mufid (the beneficial) al-Mukathar (meaning he had a lot of knowledge of fiqh) Muhaddith of Iraq and the author of many books. he was born in 297H.

he began his sam'a in 308H, therefore he began seeking hadith when he was just approximately 11 years old. Also for those who are isolated in their amazing lives of empowerment on Facebook and their superior knowledge should know sam'a is not the sam'a of fiqh, it is not the sam'a of usul al-fiqh, it is not the sam'a of opinions etc but rather it is the sam’a of hadith and this is the way of Ahl al-Hadith of the first three generations as adopted by the later people who ascribe to this manhaj or methodology which leads to this way, being the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith.

We think Imam Dhahabi answers the words of al-Dawudi and Ibn al-Jawzi’s by clearly mentioning the word mukathar meaning he had a lot of knowledge of fiqh, this leaves nothing to the imagination that this old claim was already answered.

Dear brothers, we see this great Hafiz and Muhaddith going out at the tender age of 11 to seek the divine words of this Din ie the hadith, whereas those who are a lot older in our times, especially the likes of Ismail ibrahim haris Hamam, salman bin nasir and this rehan mir pikachoo clearly demonstrate their mental ages. Again note that Imam Ibn Shahin goes out to seek hadith and its knowledge, ie the word of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and the boys in our times are trying to disprove this very same madhab and its approach. The readers can see for themselves.

Imam Dhahabi and Imam Ibn Makula both said he wrote many books, he travelled to the various lands to seek knowledge and hadith, coupled with the fact that he collated and made compilations on numerous issues. Abul Hussain bin Mahtadbillah mentions that Imam Ibn Shahin said to him that he authored 230 books. Yes dear reader’s 230 books and what were these books,

Tafsir Kabir in 1,000 juz
Musnad 1,300 juz
Tarikh 1,500 juz
Zuhd 100 juz

Bear in mind each of the titles above is just one book! Imam Khatib Baghdadi quotes Imam Ibn Shahin mentioning the number of books he wrote himself as well as the number of ajza for each book. (Tarikh Baghdad (11:267)

The same al-Dawudi mentions he heard Imam Ibn Shahin say that he spent 700 dirhams on ink alone for writing, al-Dawudi further said my teacher Imad al-Din al-Hizami told me in Wasit that his tafsir (ie Ibn Shahins) was completed in 30 volumes. al-Azhari said Ibn Shahin is thiqah and he had 700 juz written from the hadith of al-Baghawi. Ibn al-Fawaris said he was thiqah and mamun and no one has written the number of books he has. Imam Suyuti attributes this last view to Imam Ibn Makula and others also.

Other have reported his Tafsir was in 20 volumes and all the reports and ahadith contained therein were with direct chains ie asanid.

Imam Dhahabi then went on to mention some other points on Imam Ibn Shahin that have little weight compared to the overall view and position of this great Imam. (see Tazkirrah al-huffaz, 12th tabaqah, 3:987 no.923)

Imam al-Dhahabi further mentions the number of his works and the scholars praise for him in his other book on Chronological history, ie Tabaqat based on years. He also mentions the same statement of Imam Ibn Shahin, his saying that he was upon the Muhammadi Madhab. ie in his al-Ibar fi khabr man ghabr (2:167-168)

And Imam Suyuti extols him with, “al-Hafiz al-Imam al-Mufid al-Kabir, the Muhaddith of Iraq.”

Imam Suyuti mentions another book called Targhib and then also mentions the number of ajza he wrote for the different books, essentially repeating what Imam al-Dhahabi said. He does however mention that he did not know fiqh. However, Imam al-Dhahabi has already answered this. He died in the year 385H (Tabaqat al-huffaz (p.392-393 no.891)

The same Imam Khatib al-Baghdadi who quoted al-Dawudi, his actual view on him was that Imam Ibn Shahin was thiqah and Amin ie truthful. (Tarikh baghdad 11:267)

We have already two other works in our previous post, other books include,

Nasikh al-Hadith wal-Mansukh – there are two manuscripts for this book one in Paris and the other in Ankara
al-Ahadith al-afrad, al-Amali, Fadhail fatimah, Fadhail sharh ramadhan wa ma fihi minal ahkam, Ma ijtimah andi minal hadith alati bayni wa bayna Rasullah ﷺ arba rijal. There are manuscripts of each book in the Maktabah al-Zahiriyyah in Damascus.

Oh yes!!! just 4 narrators between Imam Ibn Shahin and the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, he narrates direct hadith via 4 people from the Messenger of Allah ﷺ but he was average in fiqh. This is the conclusion of the ignorant detractors, where they got this understanding from beats us.

for more biographical sketches refer to Tarikh baghdad (11:265), Shazrat al-dhahab (no.1173) of Ibn Imad, Tabaqat al-qura (1:588) of Ibn al-Jazri, Tabaqat al-mufassirin (2:2) of al-Dawudi and others.

You can see for yourself the Tabaqat Rehan Mir was going on about and arrogantly saying TABAQATLESS

Tazzkiratul Huffaz
Tabaqat al-Huffaz
al-Ibar fi khbar man ghabr
Tabaqat al-qura
Tabaqat al-mufassirin

And now that we have clearly rebutted and obliterated your delusional hallucinations and whatever remained of your 1% integrity, both of Ismail Ibrahim, Rehan Mir Pikachoo and all the pompous bandwagon boys. We will leave you with a book which Imam Ibn Shahin authored, titled,

“Sharh madhab ahl al-sunnah wa ma’arifah shari’a al-din wal tamasuk bil Sunnah”

this manuscript is in Maktabah al-Zahiriyyah in the hadith section collection (no.164)

now we ask all of you obstinate little boys who dare talk about the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith, its history, legitimacy and characteristics, when Imam Ibn Shahin wrote this book, it was prior to 385H and it shows the existence of Ahl al-Sunnah who are also called Ahl al-Hadith, and we have also clarified and it is well understood by everyone that the madhabs were collated, codified and structured after the 4th and 5th century. So which madhab was Imam Ibn Shahin referring to Sharh Madhab Ahl al-Sunnah, if this is not the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith then you might as well go back to the hospital and ask for a refund mate.

This great Imam of Ahl al-Hadith and Ahl al-Sunnah devouted his whole life to the Quran and Sunnah, as is evident from his works and writings, for reckless delinquent boys to challenge the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith and cause aspersions on Imam Ibn Shahin, knowing very well his stature as an Imam and Muhaddith.

As we mentioned this disease and bacteria of Deobandi Hanafi, Ashari and Maturidi has still enveloped these ignorant ones and their aim, directly or indirectly is to confuse the masses, taking them away from the Quran and Sunnah.

This is what you call the double slap when you have been tangoed to smithereens, and if you pretend to even attack the Ahl al-Hadith by hiding behind the generic words of the Ayyle Hadees Zahiri style of the subcontinent. Do not shed those crocodile tears when you fallaciously pretend and concoct some toilet paper story. Lastly all of these ignorant guys think they are too big for their boots and have this arrogance about them and at the same time display the cloak they are with the Ahl al-Hadith or Salafi’s in their manhaj, but like rabid animals in their hypocritical treacherous methods quote the very same Ahl al-Hadith scholars who adhere to the manhaj and madhab of the Ahl al-Hadith. Surely the umbilical cord was intact?
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Re: The Delusional Ramblings of the Obstinate Boy Against the Colossal Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:24 pm

We have seen the recent response of Rehan Mir (where is Ismail Patel/Ibrahim Haris Hamam) and it seems like there is not even a single word in response to our answers. We also mentioned, our responses will be appropriate and equal to the statements of these individuals and since he has calmed down, it is only fair we also respond accordingly. This has shown the stark and innate reality of these people, when the detractors are answered and rebutted they only resort to mocking or jovial responses, which undesirably leaves nothing to anyone’s imagination let alone anything worth considering.

Not receiving a response from Rehan Mir did not leave us perplexed because we did not have any high expectations from him. The fact and crux of the matter is, his ‘heroes’ have also failed to respond, namely Ismail Patel /Ibrahim aka Haris Hamam or his agitated sidekick Salman bin Nasir or anyone else for that matter, anyone of them is welcome to respond!!!! We eagerly await and if not, then do every Muslim a favour and keep quite regarding affairs you have very little or no understanding of, as opposed to sharing your futile and concocted fabricated views.

Let us move on, once again to the claim of Tabaqat and the weeping deplorable claim, the Ahl al-Hadith are Tabaqat(less).

Imam Lalika'i said

“And it Is found in some of the books of Abu Hatim Muhammad bin Idris ibn al-Mundhir al-Hanzali al-Razi (d.277H), May Allah have mercy on him, from what has been heard from him, he said, “Our MADHAB which we have chosen and adopted is to to do ITTIBA ie follow and obey the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam), the Sahabah and the Tabi’een and those who followed them in good. And abandoning looking into their innovations. And holding onto the MADHAB of AHL AL-ATHAR from the likes of Abi Abdullah Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ishaq ibn Ibrahim, Abi Ubaid al-Qasim bin Salam and al-Shafi’i. And holding firmly on to the Kitab and Sunnah whilst defending the Imams who followed the narrations of the Salaf. Accepting and adopting what the Imams of Ahl al-Sunnah from the different lands adopted from the likes of Malik bin Anas in Madinah, al-Awza’I in Sham, Layth ibn Sa’d in Misr, Sufyan al-Thawri and Hammad ibn Zayd in I’raq for (protection) the events (ie of trials and tribulations) that occurred which could not be found in the narrations from the Prophet (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam), the companions and successors.” (Sharh Usul al-Ei’tiqad Ahl al-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah (1:180 no.323)

Here the great Imam of the Ahl al-Hadith clearly denotes the Madhab of Ahl al-Athar and then this great Imam himself defines the scholars and Imams who adopted and were upon this Madhab and way. Please read the names above, this further is in line with our argument, that the Madhabs and their formulation and codification was post 4th – 5th century and prior to this everyone was upon the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith.

Furthermore, talking about the ‘word of the day’ of these despondent detractors of Tabaqat, the great Imam Abu Hatim al-Razi also authored a book on Taqabat called Tabaqat al-Tabi’een of Abu Hatim al-Razi, wherein he defines the people who belonged to the Madhab of Ahl al-Athar ie Ahl al-Hadith. Also note Imam Abu Hatim was in the same era of the Imamayn of the Sahihayn.

It this was not enough, then the great Muhaddith and Imam Muslim also authored Kitab al-Tabaqat, again containing the Imams of the Ahl al-Hadith, surely not a single person in this Tabaqa followed a designated madhab from the four madhabs, for sure right?

He was followed by another great Muhaddith of Ahl al-Sunnah and a powerful Imam in his own right, Imam al-Nasa’i also authored Kitab al-Tabaqat, which again only includes people on the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith

Let us also include the work of the great Imam Ibn Sa’d and his well known Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d approximately in 15 volumes, wherein he mentions all of the scholars of the time of the Ahl al-Hadith.

Then further, the Imam of the Ahl al-Hadith, Abul Qasim Abd al-Rahman bin Mandah also authored his Tabaqat al-Tabi’een, which contains none other than the Imams who adhered to the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith, the illustrious Tabi’een.

Imam Bukhari has done the same in his various works which are well documented, one only needs to refer to them and he will get a good understanding, ie his books on Tarikh

Imam Bukhari’s teacher and a great Muhaddith, Abu Amr Khalifah bin Khiyat Shaybani authored Tabaqat al-Ruwah, which is also an historical overview of the narrators which includes the likes of the Tabi’een and Taba Tabi’een of the Ahl al-Hadith. The Muhaddith Khalifah bin Khiyath died in 246H, which was well before the formation and codification of the madhabs.

And there are more inshaAllah, I bet you guys wish you had never uttered that word ‘Tabaqat’. Where are you guys? Next time, and let me offer all of you some FREE advice, those of you are foolish enough to leap forward as wannabe heroes as well those of you who hide and lurk between the cracks, while popping up now and again, do not ever think in your wildest dreams to defame and attack the Ahl al-Hadith, because inshaAllah the Ahl al-Hadith will be waiting for you!!

Oh yes we almost forgot, do you remember all your tirades and rants against the Ahl al-Hadith, by saying ‘Ahle Hadees’ and the demented version ‘Ayyyle Hadees Zahiri’ the same Imam Abu Hatim al-Razi said about the likes of you people as mentioned by his son Abdur Rahman ibn Abi Hatim who said,

I heard my father saying

[39] The sign of the people of innovation is defaming the people of narration.

[40] The sign of the heretics (zanadiqah) is their calling the people of the narrations (Ahl al-Athar) hashwiyyah Desiring to invalidate the narrations. (Asal al-Sunnah Wal Eitiqad al-Din p.50-51)

Zandiqah=disbeliever, freethinker, atheist. The word zindiq is an Arabized Persian word that has various usages among the scholars of Islam, each having their own implications and meanings. In fact, Imam Ahmad referred to the people who belittled Ahadith (and thus the people of the Madhab of Ahl al-Hadith as Zindiqs (Tarikh Baghdad (1:283)

They call Ahl al-Sunnah: Hashawiyyah (People with no worth), because they think that any one who's not upon their logic and theology are unintelligent rabble. This is so far from the truth as the Hashawiyyah say words like Alif Lam Mim in the Quran are just additional words in the Quran without any meaning and the ayat that mention punishment are just for warning and reprimand. (Talbis Iblis (p.57).

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani said, “The sign of the people of innovation is to have animosity for the Ahl al-Hadith.” (Ghuniyyah al-Talibin (p.218).

The Zanadiqah label and call Ahl al-Sunnah wal Hadith this because they give precedence and superiority to the Sunnah wal-Athar over their intellects and opinion without contending with the authentically clear divine texts in opposition to the Zanadiqah and Ahl al-Rayy (People of thought and opinion) who give precedence to their intellects and opinions over the divine texts. Whether they say Ahle Hadees, Ahl al-Hadas, or Ayyyle Hadees Zahiri style.

Dear readers remember what Imam Abdur Rahman ibn Abi Hatim said in the beginning of this Creed of Ahl al-Sunnah and the Ahl al-Hadith, he begins

Imam Abū Muḥammad 'Abdur-Raḥman bin Abi Ḥâtim said,

I asked my father (Abu Hatim) and Abū Zur'ah about the Madhahib of the People of the Sunnah regarding the fundamentals of the religion (Din), and what they both found the scholars of all different lands upon and what they [themselves] believed from that. They said,

“We found the scholars of all the different lands, from Hijaz, Iraq, Egypt, Levant (Sham) and Yemen—and it was from their madhahib …

Allahu Akbar, how clear do you want this to be explained to you, it is there in front of you black and white! So all of the Scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah in the various lands were agreed, the one who curses the people of narrations, who are the people of Hadith, they are heretics who want to invalidate the reports and hadith.

Let those who oppose the people of hadith while saying Ahle hades, Ayyyle hadees, take their positions and seats with the heretical zanadiqah..

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