The Fatwa of Hasan al-Basri Against Revolting

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The Fatwa of Hasan al-Basri Against Revolting

Postby Shehzad Sattar » Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:09 am

The Fatwa of Hasan al-Basri Against Revolting

Sulemaan bin Ali Abu Ukaashah ar-Rabi’ee said:

“لما كانت الفتنة فتنة ابن الأشعث إذ قاتل الحجاج بن يوسف انطلق عقبة بن عبد الغافر وأبو الجوزاء وعبد الله بن غالب في نفر من نظرائهم فدخلوا على الحسن فقالوا: يا أبا سعيد ما تقول في قتال هذه الطاغية الذي سفك الدم الحرام وأخذ المال الحرام وترك الصلاة وفعل وفعل؟ قال: وذكروا من فعل الحجاج. قال:
فقال الحسن: أرى أن لا تقاتلوه فإنها إن تكن عقوبة من الله فما أنتم برادي عقوبة الله بأسيافكم. وإن يكن بلاء «فاصبروا حتى يحكم الله ... وهو خير الحاكمين» الأعراف: 87. قال: فخرجوا من عنده وهم يقولون: نطيع هذا العلج! قال: وهم قوم عرب. قالوا: وخرجوا مع ابن الأشعث. قال: فقتلوا جميعا.

“When the Fitnah of Ibn al-Asha’th came, when Hajjaaj bin Yoosuf fought the people, Uqbah bin Abdul Ghaafir, Abu al-Jawzaa, and Abdullah bin Ghaalib came in the group of their peers and entered upon Hasan (al-Basri).

They said, ‘O Abu Sa’eed what do you say about the Qitaal of this tyrant, the one who sheds the prohibited blood, takes the prohibited wealth, abandons the Salaah, and does this and that?’ and they mentioned a number of Hajjaaj’s (evil) actions. Hasan replied:

‘According to my opinion you should not fight with him, for indeed if it is from the punishments of Allaah then you can not remove Allaah’s punishment with your swords. And if it is a calamity (not punishment) then be patient until Allaah ordains a judgement and Allaah is the Best of Judges.’

Sulayman said: Then they left and they were saying, ‘Must we follow this infidel (i.e. non-Arab)?’ He said: ‘Those people were the People of Arab’ He said: ‘Then they went out fighting with Ibn al-Asha’th and they all got killed’

[Tabaqaat al-Kubra (7/120), Chain Saheeh]
The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Give glad tidings and do not repel people..”

[متفق عليه]

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