What Shaykh Hamad al-Ansaari Said About The Soofeeyah

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What Shaykh Hamad al-Ansaari Said About The Soofeeyah

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What Shaykh Hamad al-Ansaari Said About The Soofeeyah
Compiled & translated By Abbas Abu Yahya

1 – Seeking Blessings

Shaykh Hamad al-Ansaari said:

‘I saw a person who came for Hajj and there were people gathered around him, and they took his turban, it was white, they tore it up, and some of them began eating it.

So I said to one of them: ‘Why do you eat from his turban?’

A person said: ‘This person is a Haji and we are seeking blessings from his turban.’

I wanted to make him understand [that this is wrong] but he refused to accept and also those along with him.’[2]

2 – Superstitions

‘Indeed all types of superstitions are in the Turq (different paths of the Soofeeyah).’[3]

3 – Play

‘The worship of the Soofeeyah is playing.’[4]

4 -Naqshbandeeyah [5]

‘No one authors, distributes and prints books against the Dawa’ as-Salafeeyah[6] in the world like that what the Turks do and the government of the Rawafidah (Shia) in Iran. Because the increase of ‘Aqeedah Salafeeyah was not lessened until the Turks began ruling. They are the Naqshbandeeyah, and the Naqshbandeeyah are the enemies of the ‘Aqeedah Salafeeyah.’[7]

5 – Relieved from Worship

‘I saw a man in Africa who was a big Soofi, and people would come to him and kiss his head, his hand, his belly, and his feet and there was a large majority of people around him.

When the prayer time came he did not pray, so I asked about this, and his companions said to me: ‘He does not pray because he is relieved of Islaamic duties. I had read about these types of people in books, and now I have seen them.’[8]

6 – The Soofeeyah are Made Up Of

‘The Soofeeyah are made up of Judaism, fire-worshippers, polytheism, and a basic foundation of Islaam, but Islaam only by name, and they are the brothers of the colonialists.’

AbdulAwal bin Hamad al-Ansaari adds: ‘He means the extreme Soofeeyah.’[9]

7 – Dangers of the Soofis

‘Indeed the Soofi deviants are more dangerous to Islaam than the disbelief of the Russians and Americans. Because they are negligent with the truth.’[10]


[1] The statements here were taken from the biography of the Shaykh, which was compiled by the Shaykh’s son AbdulAwal bin Hamad al-Ansaari who is a teacher in the faculty of Hadeeth in the prestigious Islaamic University of Madina. The Collection is called:‘al-Majmoo’ Fee Tarjama al-Allama al-Muhaddith ash-Shaykh Hamad bin Muhammad al-Ansaari -Rahimullaah- wa Seeratahi wa Aqwaalihi wa Rihlatihi’. It is a large two-volume collection of the sayings, wisdom and various biographies of the Shaykh. The statements in this translation are all from his son AbdulAwal unless stated otherwise.

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Source: http://abdurrahman.org/innovation/what- ... eeyah.html
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