Did Shaikh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah and Hafiz Ibn Qayyim Praise the Sufis - Lajnah

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Did Shaikh al-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah and Hafiz Ibn Qayyim Praise the Sufis - Lajnah

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In fatwa number 19433, the Permanent Committee was asked:

Questioner: I read in a book entitled, ‘This is Sufiyyah’ that it is a misguided sect that is astray from (the correct) Aqeedah, and that its people are people of innovated acts of worship. Later I read a magazine about Shaykhul-Islam’s At-Tasawwuf and Ibn Al-Qayyim’s madaarijus-saalikeen which contain statements that the duo say some (early) Sufis were people of knowledge, zuhd and taqwa, that there were some of them upon the manhaj of salafus-saaalih, that there were also among them those who say, ‘Our methodology is acting according to the Book and Sunnah.’ I want to know from Your Eminences, if it is correct to say ‘Sufiyyah is absolutely a misguided sect, or that we say, there are distinctions; or what should we say about them?’ Please answer us, may Allâh reward you best.’

Answer: The statements of Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allaah be merciful to him) and his pupil, Ibn alQayyim (may Allaah be merciful to him) about Sufiyyah, that there were some moderate people among them, from the people of old, but the later Sufis, deviation and misguidance came over them. Be as it may however, SUFISM IS AN INNOVATION IN ISLAM. The Messenger of Allâh (sallaLlahu alaihy wa sallam) had said, ‘Every newly-introduced matter is an innovation and every innovation is misguidance.’34 What is imperative on (every) Muslim is to hold to the Book of Allâh, Sunnah, and trod upon the manhaj of the Salaf in Aqeedah and deeds. May Allâh grant all of us beneficial knowledge and righteous act.

Bakr Abu Zayd (member)
Saalih Fauzaan (member)
AbdlAzeez Aal Ash-Shaykh (Deputy Head)
Abdul-Azeez bn Baz (Head)


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