The Belief of Ibn Arabi - Wahdah al-Wajud

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The Belief of Ibn Arabi - Wahdah al-Wajud

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:46 pm

The Belief of Ibn Arabi

Ibn Arabi says the haqiqi or real and actual wujud or existence is of Allah alone and we see numerous entities which can not be denied because everything in reality and in essence is Allah.... his wujud is absolute he has no name no other attribute and nor will he be seen in the hereafter, he has no speech nor does he have any knowledge and there is nothing else that exists other than him and he can be seen in the creation (Tanbiyatul Ghabi pg.40, Imam al-Awsth pg.132 of Ibn Taymiyyah and Qatar al-Wali pg.190)

This is a glimpse of Ibn Arabi and his horrendous beliefs. He strips Allah The Mighty and Majestic of his Glorious Attributes just like the Jahmiyyah, Rafidah and Mutazilah Ashairah do.

His beliefs are pure Jahmi and mutazili which goes to show and elucidate the Sufiyyah are mostly jahmis in fact almost all of them.

Point to remember Sufis claim to be upon a path which creates a closer union with Allah when on the other hand they deny his attributes, one asks the question what kind of god are they trying to unite with.
Jahmism at its worst.

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