The Mistake of the Deobandi's in Aqidah

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The Mistake of the Deobandi's in Aqidah

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:08 pm

Read the following from a deobandi website and look at horrendous mistakes in Aqidah and Tawhid and clear opposition to the pristine and believed Sunnah.

and they have the nerve to say things about our Ulama, bringing 1 or 2 obscure statements, when there are so many corrupt statements from the Deobandi Hanafi Churchfathers that not only have we lost count except the deobandi Hanafis have but given up!!!

Imaam Rabbani himself had explained many times his initiation into Sulook. He said:

“When Maulana Muhammad Qasim and I were studying in Delhi, we intended to study the kitaab, Sullam. But in view of the heavy engagement of Hadhrat Ustaad it was decided that the kitaab (Sullam) would be taught only twice a week. Once while the lesson of Sullam was in progress, a man with a green lungi over his shoulders entered. Spontaneously Hadhrat Ustaad together with all the khuddaam stood up and greatly honoured the man. Hadhrat Ustaad then said:
“Rashid, the lesson will continue another day.”
I lamented much the loss of that day’s lesson. I said to Molvi Muhammad Qasim (with some sarcasm):
‘This is some good Haji. Our lesson is lost.’
Molvi Muhammad Qasim responded: ‘Don’t speak like that. He is a buzrug and among the chosen ones.’ ”
After having narrated this incident, Hadhrat Imaam Rabbani said: “Little did we know that it would be this selfsame Haji who would guide us.” He also said:
“During my student days on account of studying Hadith, I remained for a considerable time in the service of Hadhrat Abdul Ghani Muhajire Madani. I, therefore, repeatedly resolved to become bay’t to him, but every time Maulana Nanotwi would put me off saying that we should make bay’t with Hadhrat Imdad.”
Thereafter, his relationship and affection for Haji Sahib went on increasing until he became wholly dedicated to Haji Sahib, culminating in bay’t on his hands of truth. The episode of his initiation is as follows:
Imaam Rabbani went to Thaanabovan to discuss an issue with Hadhrat Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Thanwi. Before engaging in the discussion, he went to visit Hadhrat Haji Sahib. On his arrival he found Hadhrat Haji Sahib engaging in tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed. This was Hadhrat Gangohi’s fifth meeting with Hadhrat Haji Sahib. Haji Sahib met him most affectionately, asking him the reason for coming. Hadhrat Gangohi said that he had come with the intention of debating with Maulana Shaikh Muhammad. Haji Sahib said:
“Oh! Oh! Don’t intend so. He is our buzrug.”
Hadhrat Gangohi said: “If he is your senior, then he is my senior as well.”
Thereafter, finding an opportunity, Hadhrat Gangohi requested to become bay’t. In order to test his eagerness, Haji Sahib refused. However, the love for Haji Sahib was firmly embedded in his heart, hence inspite of the refusal, Hadhrat Gangohi’s resolve did not slacken. After two of three days Haji Sahib initiated him (i.e. Hadhrat Gangohi became bay’t to Haji Sahib). At the time of bay’t, Hadhrat Gangohi told Haji Sahib that he was unable to practise thikr and shaghl, mujaahadah and riyaadhat, nor could he stay awake at night. Haji Sahib smiled and said:
“Good! It does not matter.”
One of Hadhrat Imaam Rabbani’s close associates then asked: “Hadhrat, what happened then?”
Imaam Rabbani replied: “Then, death and annihilation happened.
Two or three days thereafter, Haji Sahib instructed him recite the Thikr formula known as Baarah Tasbeeh.
According to this usual practise Hadhrat Haji Sahib got up at night for Tahajjud. After wudhu he went into the Musjid. Imaam Rabbani also woke up, made wudhu and performed Tahajjud and engaged in thikr in another corner of the Musjid. He was young at the time and he made the thikr enthusiastically and forcefully. In the morning Hadhrat Haji Sahib said:
“You made thikr like an expert.”
Imaam Rabbani said that from that day onwards he was in love with Thikr.
A week after bay’t, Hadhrat Haji Sahib said:
“Molvi Rashid Ahmad! The Ni’mat (Bounty) which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed to me, I have given it to you. In future, it is your duty to increase it.”
Imaam Rabbani would occasionally comment:
“This statement (of Haji Sahib) at that time greatly surprised me. What did he give me? Finally after 15 years I understood what it was he had given.”
After a stay of 22 days, he left enriched with baatini treasures and roohaani wealth from Thaanabovan. At the time of seeing Imaam Rabbani off, Hadhrat Haji Sahib held his hand and in privacy said:
“If anyone request you to accept them in bay’t, do so.”
Hadhrat Gangohi replied: “Who will ask me?”
Haji Sahib responded: “Do as I say.”
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Re: The Mistake of the Deobandi's in Aqidah

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:11 pm

more fanatical Wahdah al-Wajud

So the new kid who could not defend himself in our response and fled crawling back to deoband and his fellow bigoted mutassub ran blind in his defence, why? because they are utter Jahil. They talk about Wahdatul Wajud etc etc.

We say Wahdatul Wajud has several meanings according to the terminology of the Sufis, who are so misguided themselves that they rarely agree on any of the Sufi ideas. So for example lets leave this aside, Allahu Akbar, look at Ahlus Sunnah give these individuals so much scope to understand and return to the truth and we pray the normal Muslims read and realise this,

Thus we say lets leave Wahdatul Wajud, aside, but pray tell us, what does the following mean when Amir Shah Khan Sahib mentions directly from the mouth of Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, (another Allahu Akbar, the innovators do not even have the audacity and manliness to add the name Shaikh to the name of the Imam Muhammad Nasir ud din al-Albani, this is how weak they are and let them run to their Barelvi brothers and borrow some of their bangles!!!!!).

Gangohi said,
"With regards to Sayyid Sahib, Allah was incarnate in him (i.e. he was in annihilation with Allah).!!!" (Arwah at-Thalatha (pg.185)

and Sayyid Sahib is non other than the Infamous Imdadullah Muhajir Makki.

how can a person believe or even say that Allah was in the body of a human being!!!!

This is CLEAR SHIRK AND KUFR and INDEED OUTSIDE THE MILLAH, let our Deobandi Hanafi brothers wake up and read what their elders actually believe instead of hating us Salafis and Ahlul Hadith just for the sake of hating.

see the next post for the close association of these 2 Deobandi Churchfathers and their Sufi Shenanigans as well as the 3rd Chruchfather, Mawlana Qasim Nanotvi and what they used to get upto
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Re: The Mistake of the Deobandi's in Aqidah

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:17 pm

The Hindu Hululi Aqidah of Ashraf Ali Thanwi, the deobandi Sufi Church father

He says,

"The soul of a living person can leave the body and goes into a dead person, then this something that can be achieved by meditation / sufi practice." (Talim ud din p.118)


Talk about wahdatul wajud, this is a clear Aqidah of Kufr and Ilhad. We ask is this the reason the deobandis believe it is permissible to ask the dead for help? And if the soul does go into the deceased then are they alive?

Such a believe is another example of the Kufr of Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi. Where are the modern day deobandis who revere Mawlana Ashraf and laud him with titles like Hakim al-Ummat, please explain this to us. May Allah guide them. Amin
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Re: The Mistake of the Deobandi's in Aqidah

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:22 pm

From the most despicable and vile beliefs some of the deobandi elders had is the following,
As Muslims we all know we will be made to cross the sirat, the bridge over hell, look at what a student of Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi said,

"I saw in a dream the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) took me to the bridge of sirat and I saw the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) was falling over the bridge so I saved him." (Balagahtul Khairan pg.15) of Mawlana Hussain Ali of Bicharan from the district of Mianwali, Punjab Pakistan)

They say about some of our scholars of the past oh he said this about a Fiqh opinion or Wahid uz zaman said this Shaikh siddiq Hasan Khan said this etc. MY brothers a humble request to those who sympathise with the deobandi Hanafi school of thought, has anyone of our scholars ever said something evil and bad as this that our beloved Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) was about to fall into the fire of a hell!!!!

You guys are worried about the Fiqh opinions of Shaikh Al-Albani and your relentless animosity for him or how many Rakahs for tarawih or where to place your hands whereas you should be more concerned about your beliefs and if they contradict the aqidah of the Muslims

This is clear kufr and deserving of punishment of a shatim

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