Breaking Down Bro Hajji

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Breaking Down Bro Hajji

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:13 am

Breaking Down Bro Hajji 1

@BroHajji had a meltdown rant, where he is clearly DISTURBED. There are so many cuts & edits of the video, he must've had a nightmare.

In his video he rants that I talk about Asma wa'l Sifat all the time, which hurts him because he understands that as Dividing and causing discord (TS 45:50).

He proceeds to say the Salafis don't have a monopoly on the Athari creed.

It is silly schooling this delusional fame seeker. The Athari's of past, like al-Barbahari, al-Athram, al-Marwazi, al-Najjad, Sharif Abu Jafar & many others Defended and propagated the creed of the Salaf, they did divide the people as did the Messenger of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam between Tawhid and Shirk, haqq and batil.

The Same Atharis were all agreed in not rebelling against the ruler and sternly advocated al-Sam'a wa't Ta'a

Bro Hajji doesn't even know who or what the Athari's are, but he uses the label to avoid the Salafi label. He went onto say al-Barbahari's Sharh al-Sunnah was the Talmud of the Madkhalis, but al-Barbahari was the face of the Athari's.

Any sane intelligent person would ask Where does that leave Hajji? This so called Athari, sits with the Sufi Deobandi Ash'ari Maturidis, who attack the Salafis and Ahl al-Hadith for their belief in Asma wa'l Sifat on their hanafi fiqh channel, where they push their innovative ta'wil, yet all parties are best of mates Bro Hajji holds the view; the truth is with the Ahl al-Hadith and Deobandis!

This is in of itself pure deviancy and this front room camera loving boy thinks it's acceptable. Not at all, not even the Deobandis say this, who are firm on their Maturidi belief system, even though it Is corrupt & contradicts the belief system of the Salaf.

Bro Hajji, to this day has failed to shake of his Deobandi Hanafi Maturidi beliefs. He wants to be the new talmudic saviour and refute the Salafis but it's all fun and games with the Hanafi Deobandis. This is the true reality Of Hajji.

The Deobandis believe in Wahdatul Wajud, deny Allah's Uluww, seek intercession with the dead, seek help from Abdul Qadir Jilani yet Hajji's motor mouth is zipped and hush hush because he doesn't want to upset his true ancestors.

When pressed by a Rafidhi to state his Manhaj he first laughs and then disgracefully fails the basic aspects of Sunnism of declaring his Athari-Hanafi nexus. So much so, the Rafidi shi'i was forced to say to him "are you doing Ta'qiyyah". Prior to that Hajji tells the Rafidi to ascertain what kind of Sunni he is.

WHAT! Exactly.

The Athari's and Salafis were always one, they still are and they will continue to be, but this new hybrid breed (as the Rafidi Shi'a) says to Bro Hajji, is a breed that are nothing but the Ruwaybidah who seek to sever the link between the Sunni layman and The Rabbani Sunni scholars.

Bro Hajji claims I've not studied, and if he had done his research, like he rants in the video like a mad man, that he found out who I was in half an hour, then 1. I was not hiding, I think he spent too much time with the Rafidah, that he got obsessed with the hole of the 12th Imam.

2. That I still currently study. In fact by the way of information, I started to intensely study, when Bro Hajji was 12 years old, when he was beginning to learn how to make his tie for his school uniform! This being said, Bro Hajji has no Islamic Education at all whatsoever. He has not studied with anyone, never sat with any scholar for formal learning, never learnt any book on Aqidah, Manhaj or fiqh or even a basic primer. He probably has studied Ta'lim ul-Islam, Ta'lim ul-Haq and the infamous Beshiti Zewar! He spent ‎Nominal years with a Madinah University Graduate, who I know personally, his learning with him was purely Arabic ا ب ت. So, we find this front room camera loving stubborn boy knows absolutely nothing.

He bought a few books, did some basic research in Shia'ism and we have a Bonafide ruwaybidah. At one stage this Deobandi Ash'ari Maturidis Hanafi sympathetiser was volunteering at a Deobandi Masjid when Sh Sudais came to Birmingham. He shrugs at the idea of him being a closet Ash'ari, this is like the Sufi Barelwi who believes that Allah incarnates Into humans, even he claims he is Salafi because he make taqlid of Abu Hanifah.

We can perhaps extend this to the recent deception of the people of ta'wil and tafwidh who say, we follow the Creed of the Salaf, we are Athari but they intend with this Tafwidh al-Ma'ana A Salafi or Athari is the one who is Athari in Aqidah and Manhaj, they are interlinked and mutually exclusive, not this Deobandi Maturidi pick and choose, like the Zanadiqah.

Mr Bro Hajji full of himself says, I'm an Athari-Hanafi. Okay, so If we go back and look at an Athari-Hanafi, for arguments lets take Imam Tahawi and Imam Ibn Abil Izz, they refuted khuruj and advocated obeying the ruler! Bro Hajji doesn't even have them to back his pick and choose corrupt methodology.

This is the video where the Shia says to Bro Hajji are you doing Taqiyyah. You spend time with the innovators, you become like them.

We, the Salafis know our Din and this "one" man army as he likes to delude himself into thinking, is going to refute us!!

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Re: Breaking Down Bro Hajji

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:17 am

Breaking Down Bro Hajji - 2

@BroHajji & his cohorts would be the first to support Iranian, Shia, Houti, Hezbullah Khuruj against Makkah & Madinah because they're in KSA & it's leaders are oppressive. This is the Manhaj these ruwaybidah want you to adopt. We ask, the Sunni scholars must've rebelled against the Fatimid Isma'ils, Ubaydullah & his son Abul Qasim, who prevented Jumuah, right?

They want you to make Khuruj like the Qarmatah did. Who used to attack the Hajj caravans (around 299H). They attacked Basra in 311H, killed it's inhabitants and destroyed their property. The same year they attacked the Hajj Caravans. In 315H they attacked Baghdad and ransacked it. In 317H they stole the black stone and took it to Bahrayn, it was only returned in 339H (after 22 years). This is just a Snippet of the things Khuruj produced.

Now, these textbook ruwaybidah, who articulate shi'i tendencies, be it Fatimiyyah or Qaramatah want to say, Khuruj is a valid difference! They deceive the masses, they say it is better not to make Khuruj but it's permissible and a valid Opinion under certain circumstances. They proceed to support this view by citing the differences and incidences that occurred between the illustrious Sahabah. When we are told, through divine texts that when the Sahabah are mentioned then, WITHHOLD. The Rawafidh spew fabrication After fabrication and these ruwaybidah, get affected by their doctrine and in turn they say well, the Sahabah did make khuruj and they did kill each other etc, the shi'i laughs and says "see I told you".

It is this ruwaybid, front room camera loving little pappu Who loved the fame, the cameras of Hyde Park, a well done son from his ignorant followers which boosted his pea sized brain to the size of the ego he has. They opened the door for the Rawafidh while Shaytan fooled them thinking they were refuting. This is Bro Hajji for you.
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Re: Breaking Down Bro Hajji

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:02 am

Breaking Down & Dismantling Bro Hajji - Part 3

@BroHajji claims he is an Athari Hanafi and throughout his videos he fails to utilise any of these schools as authority to evidence his claims. He, at one time uses al-Jassas. This nexus in general is highly problematic, which we will Deconstruct later, inshaAllah. In some of his videos, as relayed to us, he relies on Imams Ibn Hazm and Ibn Abd al-Barr, both 5th century Sunni polymaths.

Bro Hajji's main argument is that when the ruler takes your wealth and women, Ibn Hazm and others permitted Khuruj. Therefore The central argument is, if the ruler is oppressive in this way, it's permissible to rebel against him. So, we say: we will return to Ibn Hazm and Ibn Abd al-Barr at a later stage, but let us refer back to the annals of history and look at the affairs that preceded their era.

We will look at how rulers and those in authority did some of these things but despite this, there were no widespread collective organised rebellions ie khuruj, except some riots and general skirmishes.

Almost 100-150 years before Ibn Hazm & Ibn Abd al-Barr, in the 4th century (300+), Baghdad and the surrounding aree faced great upheavel, turmoil and an extremely difficult financial crisis, that lasted for over 100 years.

Governance was very difficult, wuzara (ministers) had to borrow money to pay soldiers, general property was insecure and was the Subject of confiscation by government officials, soldiers or military personnel. There was general plundering, shops and markets were burned, there were floods, epidemics and famine, which was often accompanied with regular food riots.

General financial revenue was in decline From the various lands in terms of taxes. The government introduced iqta, which essentially means transferring the ownership of land. With this decline the government began paying soldiers with iqta land. They also tried to extort money from previous officials. They tried To collect more tax but all failed.

From around 305-328 taxes on people, farmers increased. The governor's for the rulers failed to pay taxes themselves. The military governors of Wasit and Basra both declined to pay. With little money the government resorted to Iqta. Only the The leader or Imam could transfer land to those who needed paying, but a small surcharge applied. (Qudama b. Jafar, Kitab al-Kharaj, 1:124, al-Khwarizmi, Mafatih al-Ulum, 1:38) and only the land the ruler owned could be transferred. (Al-Mawardi, Ahkam al-Sultaniyyah, 1:183).

In Due course the rulers changed the rules and began to transfer land they didn't own and thus could do that to anyone's land, any farmer or poor person. This lead to the military and senior military personnel confiscating land of the poor. The military class flourished, they Got richer as well as the elite upper class government officials. Natural disasters, epidemics caused more problems and poor farmers had less land to cultivate. They eventually were unable to pay land rent and the senior government officials and military took the lands. Those who Retained their land, had to give some of it to the military elite in order to seek protection from other government officials who were extorting them. Government officials across the board began taxing waqf land and took the land expenses.

The elite of society were gifted Iqta land which included singers, merchants and other influential people. On the other hand the evil Qaramatah continued their relentless attack on the state. Throughout this period tax collectors became extremely rich, military officers and wuzara used extortion on a daily basis, Food markets were pillaged due to the shortage of cash and food. Regular soldiers and low level officials extorting food merchants and they were even tortured.

Many merchants and business owners abandoned major cities including Baghdad due to riots and civil unrest in general Warehouse owners hid wheat and other grains in fear of the administration. Senior government officials would steal and confiscate the food and this even led to people being killed, these events took place around 334H

Around 381H food merchants were robbed again by government Officials and mass riots ensued. (Ibn al-Jawzi, al-Muntazam 2:331, al-Suli, al-Akhbar al-Radi 2:78, al-Hamdani, Takmilah Tarikh al-Tabari 1:135, al-Rudhrawari, Dhayl Tajarib al-Umam 3:189, 198, 259)

In 350H Mu'izz al-Dawla, the ruler and leader destroyed houses in order to build His residence, he forced people to sell their properties. He then levied huge taxes and confiscated the wealth of the people. (Al-Dhahabi, Tarikh Islam 1:189, Ibn Tughri, al-Nujum al-Zahirah 3:327)

In 373H similar things ensued, heavy taxes were imposed and commodities were very Expensive to purchase. This caused more anger, the people damaged masajids and at one stage prevented people from praying. The governor's imposed taxes on clothes and other basic stuff whicd led people to riot, further turmoil and chaos (Dhayl Tarajib al-Umam 3:85, al-Muntazam 7:121-127, al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah 11:303)

Political instability, bad administration, greed, natural disasters, floods, crop failure, primitive agricultural, socio-political issues, religious observances, sects and Madhhahib all contributed to problems in various Muslim cities And Baghdad. In 423H, 431, 439 and 448 people suffered from the rise of food prices which lead to famine and disease. between 466-469 there was a flood every year in Baghdad which caused a lot of problems as described above. (al-Muntazam 7:174 and most of volume 8 describes these Events, al-Bidayah 12:71-72)

Despite all of this, the Muslims didn't rebel, they didn't do khuruj, raise arms and fight the rulers. Yes they did riot, they did express their anger and even killed people but there was no organised Khuruj to dispose the rulers. Were they upset And angry, well of course they were, but they had patience in their own way. Skirmishes, local rioting and some unfavourable activities were and are not considered making khuruj. History teaches us, this even led the rulers to change policies.

In this part I've presented A very basic synopsis of some of the events to show what Muslims had to endure during that era. So if they did not rebel, modern day people, like the debunked Dodgy Bro Hajji have no right to tell people that Khuruj was an option or is still a viable option despite not being The first method of rectification. As the salaf said, we will refute Ahl al-Bidah through history.

Incompetent and hasty people like bro Hajji are a testimony to the authenticity of the ahadith which mention the ruwaybidah will disseminate views and opinions by which they will Misguide themselves and others.
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Re: Breaking Down Bro Hajji

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:21 am

Breaking and Dismantling Bro Hajji - Part 4

In a few videos Bro Hajji references the honourable companion, Nu'man b. Bashir RadhiAllahu Anhu & the Tab'i, al-Sha'bi from among those who rebelled! He uses their actions as unchallenged evidence while refuting the accepted And established view of Ahl al-Sunnah, which is not to rebel. The correct understanding, as the early scholars of Islam have explained will be inshaAllah presented later, with a plethora of statements that represent how Ahl al-Sunnah understood these events.

Bro Hajji repeatedly Alleges that Salafis distort views, that they are selective in their quotations and thus, they ultimately misrepresent the truth. Without exceeding this particular part more than what is required. In the following Hadith, the Messenger of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam said...

"(The Muslims being a collective communal body) al-Jama'ah is mercy and splitting is punishment"

which is transmitted by Nu'man b. Bashir RadhiAllahu Anhu and in turn al-Sha'bi transmits it from him.

I have highlighted the references for this hadith, where Dr. Basim al-Jawabirah Grades the chain Hasan - good, in his checking of Kitab al-Sunnah of Imam Ibn Abi Asim (d.287H) (no.93, p.61), at the end of the references, al-Haithami is quoted as saying, all of the narrators in the chain are trustworthy.

Furthermore, the celebrated Salafi theologist, Ibn Battah (387H) transmits the same Hadith in his al-Ibanah (1:107 no.128), but with a variation in the chain. The statement of Ibn Abi Hatim from his father, is answered by an alternative chain that authenticates it. So the Hadith is authentic.

Therefore, this shows they were against splitting or separating from the Jama'ah of Muslims, knowing that it was tantamount to punishment and being united as a collective Muslim body was a mercy. So they knew this Hadith and what occured with them cannot fall under rebellion, because that is splitting and Separating from the Jama'ah of the Muslims. So, with a single Hadith, we dismantle the feeble and weak arguments of Bro Hajji.

Imam Ibn Abi Asim died (287H) exactly 100 years before Imam Ibn Battah (387H).

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Re: Breaking Down Bro Hajji

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:59 pm

Tremendous Advice of the Salaf for Bro Hajji; ‘Saved Sect Syndrome’

ʿĀṣim Aḥwāl said, Abuʾl ʿĀliyyah said to us:

Learn Islam and when you’ve learnt it, do not turn away from it. And follow the Straight path, for that is Islam. Do not deviate to the right or to the left of the Straight Path. Upon you is the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ, just as the people [Ṣaḥābah] were upon, before the killing of their Ṣaḥābah [i.e. ʿUthmān] and what they did after that [i]. For indeed we had read the Qurʾān 15 years before the Ṣaḥābah were killed and before what these people did after that. So, I warn you from these desires that sow the seeds of enmity and hatred amongst you.”

ʿĀṣim Aḥwāl said: I informed al-Ḥasan [al-Baṣrī] what Abuʾl ʿĀliyyah had said. He replied, “He spoke the truth and advised you with it”. Then I narrated this to Hafṣah bint Sirīn and she said, “You are family, have you narrated this to Muḥammad?” [ii] I said, “No”. She said, “Narrate this to him.”

[Imām Muḥammad b. Naṣr al-Marūdhī, al-Sunnah, 68-69 no.18. Khalid b. ʿUthmān said, it is Ṣaḥīḥ Maqtuʿa, [meaning that it is authentic but the type of report is Maqtuʿa i.e. from a Tabʿī]. He references it to al-Maʿmar, al-Jāmʿi 11:367; LālikāʿI, Iʿtiqād Ahl al-Sunnah no.17; Abū Nuʿaym, al-Ḥilyah 2:218; al-ʿAjurrī, al-Sharīʿah no.19, 21 and Ibn Baṭṭah al-Ibānah 1:96. He shows all the narrators are trustworthy. (Cairo: Dār al-Athār, 2003)

In the Iʿtiqād Ahl al-Sunnah of al-Lālikāʿī the report is, “Learn Islam and when you’ve learnt it, do not turn away from it. And follow the Straight path, for that is Islam. Do not deviate to the right or to the left of [the straight path of] Islam. Upon you is the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ, which the Ṣaḥābah were upon, So, I warn you from these desires that sow the seeds of enmity and hatred amongst you.” [Lālikāʿi, Sharḥ Uṣūl Iʿtiqād Ahl al-Sunnah Waʾl Jamāʿah no.17, 40. The researcher, Dr. ʿImād Qadrī graded it Ṣaḥīḥ and traces it to ʿAbd al-Razzāq, Muṣannaf no.20758; Abū Nuʿaym, al-Ḥilyah 2:218; Ibn ʿAdiyy, al-Kāmil 3:163. (Cairo: Dār al-Gad al-Jadīd, 1438/2017).

In the Kitāb Sharīʿah of al-ʿĀjurrī he brings it in the second chapter, mentioning the command of the Prophet ﷺ to the Ummah to hold onto the Jamaʿāh and warning them from dividing into sects. (Kitāb Sharīʿah, 1:284). The researcher, Dr. ʿAbd al-Wahhāb b. ʿUmar b. Sulaymān al-Damijī graded it its chain Ṣaḥīḥ. He traces it to ʿAbd al-Razzāq, Muṣannaf no.20758 in summarised form; al-Marūdhī, al-Sunnah, 8, Ibn Waḍāh, al-Bidʿah Waʾl Nahya ʿAnhā, 32-33; LālikāʿI, Sharḥ Uṣūl 1:56 no.17; Ibn Baṭṭah, al-Ibānah al-Kubrā no.115, 138. (al-ʿĀjurrī, Kitāb Sharīʿah. 1:300 no.19. (Riyadh: Madār al-Waṭan Lil-Nashr, 1437/2016) 4th Edition).

Ibn Baṭṭah transmits it his al-Ibānah al-Kubrā, 1:113 no.146. The researcher Al-Ḥamdān fails to mention any tracing or a grade for it. (Ibn Baṭṭah, al-Ibānah al-Kubrā. (Beirut: Dār al-Lūʾlūʾ, 1439/2018) 2nd Edition). Ibn Baṭṭah also brings this report in the same chapter title as the of al-ʿAjurrī.


[i] - This is what the Khawārij did after that period, in terms of reckless killing, rebelling against the legitimate Muslim rulers, killing innocent people and making takfīr of the Muslims.

[ii] – He is the great Imām, Muḥammad b. Sirīn from the Salaf, well known for his stance against the people of innovation and desires.

This anecdote and advice of the Salaf advising to stick to the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger ﷺ and not to deviate from the straight path. Abuʾl ʿĀliyyah talks about the Khawārij and their killing of ʿUthmān RaḍīAllāhu ʿAnhu, their enmity for him and making takfīr and opposing all those who loved and revered him. He rebukes their actions and their methodology by describing it as desires. The harms of these desires were splitting the unity of the Muslims and breaking away from the Jamāʿah of the Muslim body.

We also learn how the Salaf were uniform and in agreement in such matters of Creed and Manhaj. All the aforementioned eminent Salafi Ahl al-Hadith scholars quote this account in the beginning of their respective Creed manuals, thereby giving weight to its content. Furthermore, the same Ahl al-Ḥadīth Salafī scholars place the account under the chapter of being united with the Muslim body and staying away from dividing into sects and groups.

Abuʾl ʿĀliyyah adds, such ideas and ideologies that opposes the path of the companions, not only are they deviation, but they will also sow seeds of hatred in the Muslim Ummah. This is what we see, the oblivious individual, in addition to being weak in his knowledge and comprehension, is vehemently ardent in misguiding and confusing the Sunni Muslims. Individuals like Bro Hajji, are a 3D epitome and prime example of what the Salaf warned us from, they are nothing except concubines of the Khawārij, standing or sitting. They opened the doors for the worshippers of grave, the Rawafidh and sowed seeds of doubting the understanding of the illustrious Ṣaḥābah.

The statement was profound - it led ʿĀṣim Aḥwāl to inform Ḥasan al-Baṣrī who endorsed the advice. Āṣim Aḥwāl then informs the daughter of Muḥammad b. Sirīn, who advices him to inform her father. This aspect of the account highlights how the eminent Salaf valued advice from their predecessors and hence its great importance. The Salaf named in this account were mounts of knowledge and all of them warned us from the Khārijī renegades, just like we see today.

Unbeknown to these off-the-shelf renegades, hurling labels like Madkhalis, Murji’s and institutional one thing or another, while being dreary, pathetic and unwanted shrieks does not and In-shāʾ-Allāh will not harm us and neither is it new for us. We have heritage and a rich history that extends to the Salaf, a little further than the walls of their front rooms and videos. Will they have the audacity to label 5 of the Salaf, Abuʾl ʿĀliyyah, ʿĀṣim Aḥwāl, al-Ḥasan al-Baṣrī, Hafṣah bint Sirīn and Muḥammad b. Sirīn? as Madkhalis, waste papers institutionalised bootlickers?

It is embarrassing to see Bro Hajji relying on substandard research and debunked. I have the displeasure of seeing a short clip today, and this poor individual was struggling to read basic technical terms and names in English, yet he wants to cause confusion on issues which are well over his job description.

Let, these words of the Salaf be an admonition for Bro Hajji and his sympathisers.

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