Boycotting & Shaikh al-Albani Rahimahullah

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Boycotting & Shaikh al-Albani Rahimahullah

Postby Shehzad Sattar » Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:07 am

Question Regarding Boycotting ask to Shaikh al-Albani Rahimahullah

Questioner: Given that there is war between us and the Jews is it permissible to buy from the Jews and to have economic dealings with them in the European countries?

Shaikh: Buying from the Jews?

Questioner: Yes, and dealing with them in the European countries I mean?

Shaikh: We do not differentiate between the Jews and the Christians in terms of dealing with them in those countries. It is well known that dealing with the Polytheists and Non-Muslims is permissible if they are amongst Ahlul Dhimma (non Muslims living in protection of a Muslim state), living in the countries/states of Islam.

And like that if they are peaceful, not at war, the ruling is the same as that.

However, if they are at war, then it is NOT PERMISSIBLE to have dealings with them, whether that is in the country they have invaded/occupied, such as the Jews in Palestine, or in their own country/state. As long as they remain at war it is NOT PERMISSIBLE to have dealings with them at all.

As for those who are peaceful as we have mentioned, then the basic principle is of permissibility (of dealing).

Source: Silsilat Al-Huda wa an-Noor 623 (from 09:17 onwards)

Translated by Dr Mohammad Aqib Hussain

Arabic original:

لسؤال الثاني: شيخنا بما أن الحرب قائمة بيننا وبين اليهود ، هل يجوز شراء من اليهود ، والعمل عندهم في بلد أوروبا ؟.
الشيخ: الشراء من اليهود ؟.
السائل: نعم ، والعمل عندهم في بلد أوروبا يعني ؟.
الشيخ: نحن لا نفرق بين اليهود ، والنصارى من حيث التعامل معهم في تلك البلاد ، مع الكفار والمشركين إذا كانوا ذميين ، أهل ذمة ، يستوطنون بلاد الإسلام فهو أمر معروف جوازه.
وكذلك إذا كانوا مسالمين ،غير محاربين أيضاً حكمه هوهو،أما إذا كانوا محاربين ، فلا يجوز التعامل معهم ، سواء كانوا في الأرض التي احتلوها كاليهود في فلسطين ، أو كانوا في أرضهم ، ما داموا أنهم لنا من المحاربين، فلا يجوز التعامل معهم إطلاقاً. أما من كان مسالماً كما قلنا ، فهو على الأصل جائز.
The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Give glad tidings and do not repel people..”

[متفق عليه]

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