(MIU) FREE Audio-Video - Manzumah Bayquniyyah

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(MIU) FREE Audio-Video - Manzumah Bayquniyyah

Postby SRI » Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:48 pm

-*- MIU -*-

All praise be to Allah, The Most Merciful, The Glorious and Magnificent, The Sustainer and to whom All Perfect Praise is directed.

We have released one of the most common and basic primer text in the introduction to the Science of Hadith, namely Manzumah al-Bayquniyyah in Audio-Video format [FREE], aiding the studious Sunni to be diligent and consistent in preserving the texts of this Glorious Din and in specific the divine revelation of Hadith from the distorters and the people of Bidah wal-Ahwa.

Let the hard working sunni student be focused, keen and unwavered in learning the primer texts to protect and propagate the call of Tawhid and Sunnah. This is the first in a serious of fundamental sunni texts which MIU has produced to aid memorisation and Inshallah many more to come; awe inspiring texts and classical Sunni Mutun to raise the rank of the student in today's volatile climate and a desperate plea and attempt to return to the sacred sciences and texts.

May Allah reward all those involved and make their scale of good deeds very heavy. Amin

Infinite praise to the Lord of the Alamin, Allah Azzo wa Jal, high above his Throne and his Knolwedge encompasses everything.



please share and seek reward


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