MALE practising

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MALE practising

Postby SUNNAH MARRIAGE UK » Fri Jun 12, 2020 12:33 pm

*M A R R I A G E*

*Gender:* Male
*Age:* 29
*Height:* 6ft 1"
*Build:* Built
*Nationality:* British
*Ethnicity* Egyptian & English Mix
*Are you a revert to Islam ?* Yes

*Occupation:* Railway Industry
*Current Location:* Birmingham
*Willing to marry outside ones ethnicity?* Yes
*Consider reverts ?* Yes
*Living arrangements* Seperate

*Prays 5x Salah:* Yes
*Islamic sect:* Salafi
*Speakers listened to:* Sh. Abdur-Razaq Al Badr, Sh. Sulayman Ar-Ruhayli, Sh Saleh Al Fawzan
*Beard:* yes

*Your interests/ Hobbies*:Travelling, Hiking, Cooking Good Food, Baking, Martial Arts & Training

*About Me*: I've been muslim for 12 years wa lIllahil hamd. Born and raised in London but currently work & live Birmingham. Married for 6 years, unfortunately ended up divorcing; I am willing to expand on any details regarding this.

*Marital Status:* Divorced
*Any Children?* No
*Any disabilities?* No wa lIllahil hamd
*Willing to relocate?* Unless Outside Of The Uk Then No
*Accept Divorcee?* Yes
*With or without children?* Yes

Age range 23 - 33
location: Birmingham/London/Manchester
ethnicity: Mixed Race, North African, Somali, Arab

Any other requirements: I'm seeking a sister who establishes the salah, fasts etc. and who, if not already speaks arabic, then is making a conscious effort in learning it or willing to start. That would want to sit down and have duroos in the home and observes jilbab as a minimum outside the house.

KINDLY make a donation to Sunnah Marriage UK for details
TEXT: 07900 247 837

*Tel No.* +44 7767 379767

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Minimal fees apply for details
TEXT: 07900 247 837

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*Jazakallahu khair*

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