Quranic Verses And Supplications To Remove Magic

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Quranic Verses And Supplications To Remove Magic

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Quranic Verses And Supplications To Remove Magic

Shaykh Salih Fawzan mentioned in his explanation to Kitabul Tawheed[1]:

Quranic verses to remove magic

The first category: Removing magic by way of Ruqyah. This is to recite upon the person afflicted with magic; verses from the Book of Allah the Exalted.

The Al Fatihah should be recited upon them. This is the greatest Ruqyah.

The verses which mention magic and invalidating magic should be recited; such as the statement of the Exalted in Soorah Al-'A`raf:

    And We inspired Musa (saying): "Throw your stick," and behold! It swallowed up straight away all the falsehoods which they showed. Thus truth was confirmed, and all that they did was made of no effect. So they were defeated there and then, and were returned disgraced. And the magicians fell down in prostration. They said: "We believe in the Lord of the all that exists; the Lord of Musa and Harun. (Soorah Al-'A`raf 7: 117-122)

And in Soorah Yunus:

    Then when they had cast down, Musa said: "What you have brought is sorcery, Allah will surely make it of no effect. Verily, Allah does not set right the work of Al-Mufsidun (the evil-doers, etc.). "And Allah will establish and make apparent the truth by His Words, however much the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, etc.) may hate it." (Soorah Yunus: 10:81, 82)

And in Soorah Taha:

    "And throw that which is in your right hand! It will swallow up that which they have made. That which they have made is only a magician's trick, and the magician will never be successful, no matter whatever amount (of skill) he may attain." So the magicians fell down prostrate. They said: "We believe in the Lord of Harun and Musa." (Soorah Taha 20:69, 70)

- These verses from Soorah Al-'A`raf, Soorah Yunus, and Soorah Taha, should be recited by the one performing the Ruqyah upon the afflicted person with an attentive heart, with reliance upon Allah the Exalted, while having a good thought about Allah, and believing that Allah will heal this sick person.

- As for the person being read upon, he should also have this Aqeedah. Thus he hopes for the cure from Allah, and he puts his trust in Allah the Exalted, and he relies upon Him, and he believes that the speech of Allah contains the cure.

- If they turn to Allah in this manner, and the person reciting and the person being recited upon place their trust in Allah, then they will achieve the desired result and there is no doubt about it.

Supplications to remove magic

I seek refuge for you in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of which He created.[2]

I seek refuge for you with the perfect words of Allah from every devil and from poisonous pests and from every evil, harmful, envious eye.[3]

I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah, which neither the good person nor the corrupt can exceed, from the evil of what He created, fashioned and formed, from the evil which descends from the sky and from the evil which ascends to it, and from the evil He created in the earth and from the evil which comes out of it, and from the evil of the ordeals of the night and the day, and from the evil of every visitor, except the visitor who comes knocking with good, O Most Merciful.[4]

In the Name of Allah I perform Ruqyah over you, from evil disease which harms you, and from the evil of every soul, and envious eye, may Allah cure you.[5]

In the Name of Allah, remove the hardship, O Lord of the people, heal him, You are the Healer, there is no cure except for Your cure; that cure which leaves behind no illness.[6]

Our Lord is Allah, the One who is above the heavens, blessed is Your Name. Your command is in the heavens and the earth. Just as Your mercy is in the heavens make Your mercy upon the earth. Forgive us our sins and errors. You are the Lord of the pious, send down a mercy from Your mercy, and a healing from Your healing upon this sick person.[7]

Translated and summarized by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee


[1] Volume 1 page 380
[2] Sahih Muslim 2708
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[4] This is a longer version of the hadith cited by Shaykh bin Baz collected in Muwatta Imam Malik 1742
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Source: https://mtws.posthaven.com/
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