Imam Baghawi (d.516H) and istighatha/wasilah.

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Imam Baghawi (d.516H) and istighatha/wasilah.

Postby AbuAbdillah » Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:42 pm

Explaining Surah 17:56-57, Imam Baghawi (rahimahullah) says:

“Say: call upon those who you claim besides Him” that is because the polytheists were afflicted by a severe drought until they ate dogs and carrion, so they sought help (istighatha) with the Prophet (peace be on him) to make dua for them.

So Allah said: “say” to the polytheists “call upon those who you claim besides Him” that they are deities “they dont possess the removal of harm”, the drought or hunger, “from you nor change it” to someone else, or change the hardship to easiness, “those who you call upon, they themselves seek wasilah (nearness) to their Lord”, those who the polythiests claim are deities that they worship. Ibn abbas and mujahid said: they are jesus and his mother, uzair, the angels, the sun, the moon and the stars, “they seek” meaning they seek to their Lord wasilah; nearness.

Abdullah ibn Masood said: This verse was revealed about a group of arabs who worshipped the jinn, so the jinns accepted islam and they (arabs) who worshipped them, did not realise that the jinn accepted islam, so they continued worshipping them, so Allah condemned them, hence this verse was revealed.” -(End quote from tafsir baghawi).

Again, this is not ‘wahabism’, but rather islam itself! Supplication is for Allah alone. It is Shirk to supplicate or seek help with those who aren’t able nor alive. Nor is Shirk the worship of idols alone as is evident from this tafsir.

-Abu Abdillah Ehsan.
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