Ibn Qudama on Allahs Uluw

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Ibn Qudama on Allahs Uluw

Postby AbuAbdurRahman » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:33 pm

Shaykh al-Ḥanābilah Muwaffaq ad-Dīn Ibn Qudāmah al-Maqdisī — may Allāh the Exalted have mercy upon him — said:

فإن الله تعالى وصف نفسه بالعلو في السماء ووصفه بذلك محمد خاتم الأنبياء، وأجمع على ذلك جميع العلماء من الصحابه الأتقياء والأئمة من الفقهاء، وتواترت الأخبار بذلك على وجه حصل به اليقين، وجمع الله تعالى عليه قلوب المسلمين، وجعله مغروزًا في طباع الخلق أجمعين، فتَرَاهم عند نزول الكرب بهم يلحظون السماء بأعينهم ويرفعون نحوها للدعاء أيديهم، وينتظرون مجئ الفرج من ربهم، وينطقون بذلك بألسنتهم لا ينكر ذلك إلا مبتدع غال في بدعته، أو مفتون بتقليده واتباعه على ضلالته

“Allāh has described Himself with ‘ulūw (elevation) above the heavens, and similarly He has been described by this by Muḥammad — the Seal of the Prophets — something upon which all of the scholars from the pious Companions held a consensus, as did the Imāms from the fuqahā’. It has been massively transmitted that a level of certainty has been reached, and Allāh has united the hearts of the Muslims upon this, and made it a natural disposition in all of His creation, and therefore you see them when some calamity befalls them that they look with their eyes towards the heavens, and raise their hands towards it, waiting for alleviation of calamity from their Lord, and they utter this with their tongues, no one denies this except a heretic, a fanatic in his heresy, or someone who is infatuated with blindly-following him and following him in his innovation.”

• Ithbāt Ṣifāt al-‘Ulūw (p. 63)

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