The Prohibition Of Using Health Insurance

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The Prohibition Of Using Health Insurance

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The Prohibition Of Using Health Insurance
Shaykh Salih Al Fawzan (حفظه الله تعالى)

Question: What is the ruling on health insurance, in the situation where the employer charges fees and in the situation where he does not, which entitles the employee to hospital treatment after paying a minimal fee?

Shaykh Fawzan: All types of insurance are impermissible. Commercial insurance, in all its different forms, is not allowed, whether it is health insurance or another kind. This is because it constitutes eating people’s wealth unlawfully, and due to what it contains of usury, and what it contains of uncertainty and ambiguity[1]. Hence commercial insurance, in all of its forms, is unlawful (haram(

If a person needs treatment then he treats himself using his own money, and he does not treat himself using other people’s wealth[2].



ما حكم التأمين الصحي في حالة أخذ رسوم من صاحب العمل، وفي حالة عدم أخذ هذه الرسوم وهو تأمين يخول صاحبه للعلاج في المستشفى مقابل دفع رسوم يسيرة؟


لا يجوز التأمين بجميع أنواعه، التأمين التجاري لا يجوز بجميع أنواعه صحياً أو غير صحي؛ لأنه أكل لأموال الناس بالباطل، ولما فيه من الربا، ولما فيه من الجهالة والغرر، فهو محرم التأمين التجاري بجميع أنواعه محرم. نعم.

وإذا احتاج الشخص لعلاج يعالج نفسه من ماله ولا يعالج نفسه من أموال الناس.

Question: I work in a corporation, and the owner of the company gives us health insurance for us and our families. Is it allowed for us to use this health insurance?

Shaykh Fawzan: No! Health insurance is a form of commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is unlawful (haram). The Council of Senior Scholars issued rulings regarding its prohibition. This is because it constitutes unlawfully consuming wealth. Someone pays a small amount, and then if he were to have an operation costing in the region of one hundred thousand, he takes more than what he paid. This money which he took is from the money of the other contributors, i.e. he takes from other people’s money. As a result, this is not allowed.


أحسن الله إليكم فضيلة الشيخ وهذا سائل يقول:
أعمل في شركة تجارية وصاحب الشركة قام بتأمين صحي لنا ولعوائلنا، فهل يجوز لنا استخدام هذا التأمين الصحي ؟

أجاب الشيخ حفظه الله


التامين الصحي تجاري من التأمين التجاري، التأمين التجاري حرام وصدرت فيه قرارات من هيئة كبار العلماء بتحريمه، لأنه أكل للمال بالباطل، تدفع مبلغاً قليل، ثم لو تُجري عملية بـ... بثلا.. بـ .. بمائة ألف أو أقل أو أكثر تأخذ أكثر مما دفعت وهذا .. وهذه الدراهم التي أخذتها من أموال المساهمين، تأخذها من أموال الناس، فلا يجوز هذا... نعم


Translator’s note:

In some situations brothers are forced to take health insurance. In the links below, both Shaykh Uthaymeen and Shaykh Fawzan explain that in this situation a person is only allowed to use the card up to the amount that he paid (or his employer paid) and not exceed this, and Allah knows best.

Shaykh Uthaymeen:

Shaykh Fawzan:

Translated by Abu Ilyas Abdul Aziz

Checked by Mamoun Miqdad

[1] Shaykh Maher Al Qahtani explained in his Friday khutbah on 11/01/2013 that this ambiguity arises because a patient may have health insurance that cost him 2000 SAR. He may not use a single Riyal from this money, or he may have an operation that costs tens of thousands of Riyals. As a result, he is also involved in a form of gambling.

[2] This would be the case if he received an operation which cost more than the money he contributed (or more than what was contributed on his behalf by his employer.
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