It Does not Matter How Long You study with someone for you to be a major Scholar

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It Does not Matter How Long You study with someone for you to be a major Scholar

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:19 pm

1.Just because someone studies with a bonafide Alim, doesn't make him a major scholar, as the Khawarij studied with the sahabah for years!!!

2.who does not know al-Qasimi, who died an atheist after defending the Creed of Ahl al-Sunnah after studying with scholars for years!Wake up

3. Abul Hasan Ashari studied with Mutazilites for many years, his stepfather, al-Jubai yet he retorted to the Creed of the Salaf. Change!

4. The wife of Abu Hanifah studied with wife of Jahm ibn Safwan, she is not attributed as a jahmi so why is the opposite taken as criterion

5. Islahi studied with 1 of the greatest Hadith Master of the sub continent, al-Mubarakpuri yet looked what happened to him, Hadith rejector

6.a student is on the Manhaj & creed of his teacher in general. Look at refutations of the jahmiyyah, Ashairah & jahmis by Ibn Jibrin while.

7. Just the other day we read about Imran b. Hittan who married a kharijite woman & thus became a khariji, so how about sitting & tawun with them

8.look what happened to the Egyptians who sat with the bonafide Sunni scholars of Ansar Sunnah, they later became despicable evil khariji's

9.wahid uz-Zaman studied with imam Nazir Hussain Muhaddith Dehlawi, look at what happened to his later views, he studied with him for ages!!

10 & Allahul mustan look at those who apostated in the time of Abu Bakr yet they had met our Prophet salllahualayhiwasallam, they were fought

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