Another Understanding of the Ruwaybidah - And They are not Major Scholars

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Another Understanding of the Ruwaybidah - And They are not Major Scholars

Postby AbuKhuzaimahAnsari » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:16 pm

It was narrated in the hadeeth of Abee Umayyah al-Jumahee that Allaah’s Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: “From the signs of the Hour is that knowledge will be taken from the small ones” Narrated by al-Tabaraanee, al-Laalakaa’ee and Ibn ‘Abdil-Barr and declared hasan by al-Albaanee.

He (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) also said: “Indeed, there are years to come in which a person will become very confused, [a time] when a liar is believed and the truthful person is proclaimed a liar, and the deceitful person is entrusted and honest person is accused of being untrustworthy, and [a time when the] ruwaybidah will speak.” It was asked: “And who are the ruwaybidah?” So he replied: “The insignificant person who speaks on the public affairs.” Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Maajah, al-Haakim and al-Bayhaqee from the hadeeth of Aboo Hurayrah, and it was authenticated by al-Albaanee

Numerous scholars have commented on these narrations and there are further reports from the Salaf. We know these narrations and ahadith as they are oft repeated. However there is are a few unique fawaid that I picked up from various lessons of my teachers. People generally interpolate these ahadith on the young people, however the point of benefit is that no one listens to the young ones when it comes to matters of great importance other issues that govern the majority of the Muslims.

The point being the scholars have indicated and deduced from these ahadith that people who prop themselves as scholars but have poor understanding of the intricacies of the Din will begin to issue fatawa, which opposes and contradicts what is well known and a position that is clear. Another scholar explained and said they will misguide others by giving fatwa based on their whims and desires over and above the nusus and in doing so they make what is lawful, unlawful and vice versa. They will give fatwa making things halal which are haram. Essentially these people will have knowledge but their application will be poor and not based on the divine texts.

They further explained and said, for instance take the Hadith of Bukhari concerning musical instruments, when people at the end of time will take musical instruments to be lawful. The Hadith from Abu Dawud, Ahmad, Baihaqi and in al-Kunna of al-Dawlabi about when people will take Eenah a type of financial transaction involving interest or Riba, the example of the ummah of Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasallam indulging in idol worship. It is obvious some ignorantly propped up scholars, deviants will issue such fatawa because the ignorant people will not take it from the younger people.

Al-Muhim the point is, the understanding of the word young ie premature in knowledge is not the only intended meaning but it could also refer to those who put themselves on the pedestal of being from the major scholars or even scholars giving fatawa above their pay grade misguiding others and themselves. It must be noted most these people who propel themselves to be from the major scholars or issues edicts for the western world, often you will find them talking about affairs that even the beginner student of knowledge knows is for the major scholars to talk about. Not only this but they also tend to talk about public affairs that govern the Muslims collectively in the west etc when these issues should be referred to the major scholars.

The clear sign of these ruwaybidah is that they will put themselves forward to be from the big scholars and from those who are capable and worthy to issues edicts and become the referral point for the masses. I have also clarified the small ones, are those who are insignificant in ilm or their comprehension of the Qawaid of Ahlus Sunnah, and we have also shown as Imam Ibn Mubarak said these people are often upon innovations. It does not mean that it always the small ones in age because as we have mentioned small ones are never listened to. It further defies common sense for the great masses to listen to the fatawa of a young person but rather they will listen to the small insignificant ruwaybidah, who the masses will look unto and they will misuide them to the fire of Hell.

Allah aid and assistance is sort. Amin

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