Beheading the Innocent is Not from al-Islaam

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Beheading the Innocent is Not from al-Islaam

Postby Shehzad Sattar » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:18 am

Beheading the Innocent is Not from al-Islaam

The great Muhadith, Faqeeh, Ibn Shihaab az-Zuhree[1] (d. 124 AH) said:

The Messenger of Allaah [Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him] never carried a head (i.e. beheading during war), not on the the Day of Badr (arguably the most important of battles) nor otherwise.[2] A beheaded head was once brought to Aboo Bakr [May Allaah be Pleased with him] and he rebuked the action[3].

> Shaykh Sa'ood ash-Shuraym, Imaam Haram in Makkah

[Taken from a post from the Shaykh's official Twitter account, 22/10/1435 – 18/8/1435]

[1] Imaam Sufyaan bin 'Uyaynah [May Allaah have Mercy on him] said in talking about the generation of the Saalaf in which az-Zuhree lived, "On the day he died, there remained behind none more knowledgeable about the Sunnah than him." [Siyaar 'Alaam an-Nubalaa' 5/336]

[2] Sunan al-Kubraa of al-Bayhaqee (18353)

[3] It is narrated that the leader of a Christian Arab enemy called Yanaaq al-Bitreeq was beheaded and his head was brought to Aboo Bakr. The messenger carrying the head argued that this was retribution in the similar way that the Romans and the Persians punish their enemy. To which Aboo Bakr replied, "Are you seeking to follow the way of the Romans and the Persians? Do not bring beheaded heads to me and it is sufficient for you (as a messenger) to bring letters and information." [Sunan al-Kubraa of al-Bayhaqee (18351)] ... slaam.html
The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Give glad tidings and do not repel people..”

[متفق عليه]

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