Hijamah: Recommended Days and Times

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Hijamah: Recommended Days and Times

Postby Shehzad Sattar » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:02 am

Hijamah: Recommended Days and Times

The Prophet gave his nation guidelines for the Hijamah so that the best results could be obtained. He did this through his actions such as when and where he himself was treated and also by his statements. In relation to the recommended times of treatment:

- Abu Hurairah narrated from the Prophet that he said: “Those who are treated with Hijamah on the 17th, 19th or the 21st will be cured from every disease.” [Abu Dawood]

Ibn al Qayyim explains that ‘every disease’ mentioned in the Hadeeth refers to blood related diseases. [Zaad ul Ma‘aad]

- Another narration, on the authority of Anas bin Malik states: “that the Messenger would be treated with Hijamah in his jugular veins and the upper back and he would be treated with Hijamah on the 17th, 19th and 21st.” [At-Tirmidhi]

From these Hadeeths, the scholars confirm the position taken by the doctors that Hijamah should be performed in the latter part of the month or in its third-quarter rather than the beginning or the end, since this period is when substances accumulate and the blood is agitated.

- Ibn Umar reported that the Messenger said: “…So cup yourselves with the blessing of Allaah on Thursday. Keep away from hijama on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be safe. PerformHijamah on Monday and Tuesday for it is the day that Allaah saved (Prophet) Ayoob from a trial. He was inflicted with the trial on Wednesday. You will not find leprosy except (by having Hijamah) on Wednesday or Wednesday night.” [Ibn Maajah]

From these narrations, we understand the recommended days for Hijamah are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays when they fall on either the 17th, 19th or the 21st of the lunar months. Hijamah should never be performed on a Wednesday and should be avoided on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, irrespective of the date they fall on.

- The Prophet said: “Hijamah on an empty stomach is best.” [Ibn Maajah]

Based on this Hadeeth, it is preferable to be treated with Hijamah on an empty stomach; Ibn Sinaa said Hijamah is not preferred when the stomach is full for it might cause various ailments, especially after taking a heavy meal. [Al-Qaanoon]

Source: http://www.prophetic-medicine.com/hijam ... ays-times/
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