MIU- annual internal review 2016

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MIU- annual internal review 2016

Postby Moin » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:58 am

The MIU advisory board concluded its annual internal review in November 2016. The following are summary points of this review.

An external consultancy group will be engaged from January 2017 in order to help formulate:
5 year corporate strategy
Review the internal governance structure
Help to improve the business processes at MIU
The academic team has recommended a number of additional courses to be included within the MIU syllabi due to the needs of students, they include:
Strong Arabic programme – This has already begun and we hope to have this available in January 2017, inshallah
Wider range of shorter courses – This has also begun, with the recording of “Explanation of 40 Hadith of Imam An Nawawi” being available in early 2017
All existing courses being ‘Self-Paced’ rather than scheduled as they are currently
The academic team has also been restructured to meet the changing needs of MIU. Changes include:
We would like to announce that Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon will no longer be working with MIU’s academic team with immediate effect. We wish him well in the future and all Praise belongs to Allah. MIU will continue working on future projects and avenues to facilitate the pursuit of knowledge for the avid students.
The academic team of MIU is ever expanding with new instructors and staff joining us on a regular basis
We welcome all feedback in order to help improve our work, so please continue to provide your feedback. We praise Allah, we seek His aid and assistance and request that you remember us in your Du’as.

Wa-alaykum as salaam


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