Virtues Of The Ahlul Hadith

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Virtues Of The Ahlul Hadith

Postby Abu Ubaydah » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:56 am

Imam Khattabi said, "The Ashab as-Sunan are the Ahlul Hadith."

Sha'rani, Mizan Kubra vol.1 pg no.46

Imam Qa'nabi said that Imam Malik was crying when he was on his death bed. I asked him, "Why are you crying for?" He replied by saying, "Why shouldn't I cry? I have given so many fatwas based on opinion. Oh how I wish I didn't do that! Today I am feeling sorrowful because of it. I would prefer that I am whipped once for each fatwa that I gave which was based on opinion so that I am omitted (from ever having done that)."

Ibn Khalikan 2/11

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Muflih al-Maqdasi said, "The Ahlul Hadith are the saved group who are upon the truth."

al-Aadaab ash-Shar'iah 1/266

Abu Bakr Ibn Ayash said, "The Ahlul Hadith will be present in all eras."

Mizan Sha'rani 1/48

Imam Hakim narrates the saying of Imam Ahmad Ibn Sinan al-Wasiti with a Sahih Isnad that, "There is no innovator in the world except that he hates the Ahlul Hadith."

Ma'rifatu Ulum ul-Hadith no.6

Imam Abu Dawud's son Imam Abu Bakr advises that, "And do not become like those people who play with their religion otherwise you will end up insulting, slandering and stigmatising the Ahlul Hadith."

ash-Shar'ia of al-Aajuri pg no.738

Ibn Hibban defined the Ahlul Hadith as, "The Ahlul Hadith act upon the Sunnah, they defend the Sunnah and they destroy, exterminate and suppress those who oppose them."

Sahih Ibn Hibban pg no.1056, under Hadith no.6129

Allamah Ahmad Ibn Bashar al-Maqdasi (died 374 Hijri) visited Sindh in the Indian Subcontinent. He said about it that, "Most of the people here were Ahlul Hadith."

Ahsan Ataqasim Fi Ma'rifatul Aqalim pg no.48

Translated by Abu Ubaydah

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